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ICW Global In Action

18th November

ICW Global Updates


Join ICW Global Fund advocacy call - Wednesday 23rd November 2016

ICW Marks Day of Older Persons (IDOP) 2016

ICW marked the international day of older persons with a statement highlighting the challenges faced by persons living with HIV as they age. ICW appreciates the milestones of treatment and research and recognizes that there was a day not that long ago when a person living with HIV was not likely to survive into their 60s, and surviving well into our 80’s and 90’s seemed an impossibility.

Now we know that with successful adherence to ART and proper treatment, care and support people living with HIV can have the same life expectancy of a person without HIV. We are calling on policy makers, development partners and all stakeholders to ensure women living with HIV age gracefully by ending ageism within the HIV response. Click on the link here to read the full statement.

ICW Joins Coalition of Children Affected by AIDS (CCABA)

ICW is excited to have Florence Anam our Advocacy and Communications Manager join the International Steering Committee of The Coalition of Children Affected by AIDS (CCABA)

The Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS believes that children need to be made a higher priority in the international response to HIV and AIDS and brings funders and technical experts together to advocate for the best policy, research, and programs for children because children are a vulnerable population that has too often been overlooked.

ICW will be using this opportunity to bring our unique niche for ensuring the voice of women living with HIV is added on to the efforts to increase and sustain advocacy for increased focus and investment on policy and programs that are responsive to children, their mothers, caretakers, family and community.

Sexual and Reproductive Health round table meeting

ICW participated in the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) round table meeting in October.The SRHR Round table is a bi-annual meeting of advocates working to advance SRHR in Washington and New York.

The purpose of the meeting is to facilitate information exchange between advocates who focus on advocacy on the Hill and those who focus on advocacy at the UN.

The most recent meeting was held in Washington and focused on strategizing advocacy efforts with a new administration in DC, we also looked back at some of the advocacy outcomes from AIDS 2016 and the HLM.

Submission to UN Women's Policy on Sex Work

ICW added our voice to those of the many community groups including women led organizations, Key population representatives and human rights groups to respond to UN Women’s call for submission for their Policy on sex work. Click on the Link here to read more.

ICW co-authored this submission to UN Women with 86 sex workers’ rights and women’s rights organizations calling on UN Women to engage in a meaningful consultation with sex workers in the development of their policy on sex work. For more information please read the full submission here.

ICW is excited for continued partnerships with our partners particularly Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) and International Network of People who use Drugs (INPUD).

ICW attends first ever sex worker symposium in Kenya.

ICW was excited to join participants for the first ever sex worker symposium organized by and for sex workers on the 26th – 29th October 2016.

The symposium was organized by the Kenya Sex Workers Alliance (KESWA) bringing sex workers together to learn from each other and build a stronger united, informed sex work movement.

The session brought together sex workers from all over Kenya and donors to discuss sex work issues.ICW was represented by our Key population’s focal person Velvine Jobiese and ICW global Director Rebecca Matheson.

The 47th union World Conference on Lung Health 26th - 29th October

ICW joined stakeholders at the annual TB Alliance stakeholder’s association meeting in Liverpool on and strengthened calls for Increased Investment and Community Engagement in TB Research and Development Community focus was the overriding theme at the meeting that was just ahead of the 47th Union World Conference on Lung Health.

ICW was represented by Ms. Maurine Murenga our Global Advocacy Manager- Global fund who called on stakeholders to involve communities in designing research studies on TB as well as during drug development processes as community knows best what works.

Using the lived experiences of women living with HIV from the grassroots level she highlighted the powerful, yet underutilized, role which affected and key populations can play to turn the tide against TB.

Maurine called for engaging communities and particularly women living with HIV as a key player for demand creation when rolling out new products or designing policies for uptake of TB care. Lack of community engagement have proven non supportive for meeting targets, promoting uptake, adherence and retention to care.

All is set for the #Decrim 'blog carnival' to end violence against sex workers

ICW is excited to join our partners to conduct a blog carnival to mark 16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence and The International day to end violence against sex workers.

A blog carnival is a collection of blogs posted by different authors on the same theme.

Each day, between December 12-17, partners will post blogs and promote their messages to a global audience using the hashtag #decrim!

See poster below and follow us on social media for more information on how you can participate.

ICW Regional Updates

ICW Asia Pacific

Participants pose for a photo at the convening in NEPAL

National federation of women living with HIV held the 10th annual general assembly with 30 women led organization in Nepal on 25th October 2016. The federation acknowledged the work at the ground level and awarded a community based organizations for exemplary work in the year 2016.

ICWAP Coordinator participated in UNDG Asia-Pacific Human Rights Network/CSO Consultation: Civil society space: Challenges, Opportunities, Action by the UN development System in Asia-pacific.

The Consultation was organized with more than 80 representatives of civil society organization who are actively involved in Human rights and development issues, represented a variety of partners of UN system agencies, representatives of the UNDG Asia pacific Human Rights Network and some UNDP AP regional Directors.

The purpose of the meeting was to review current ongoing joint analytical work and is expected to contribute to a nuanced picture of the current situation of civil society space that is shrinking.

Among the topics covered were discussion on opportunities, challenges and identified examples of  good practices that could be replicated. 

The Chair of ICWAP Ms. Norlela Mokhtar participated in a two days advocacy workshop in Malasiya from 15-16 October.

ISC member Norlela participates in the meeting.

ICW Caribbean

ICW  Caribbean had an exciting month of October, this month Literature Review Club, ICW members, LRC Participants were facilitated to watch and review the Lifetime Movie Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge and Michel’Le a movie about violence faced by a young woman.

With thoughts and emotion gathered for zero tolerance of violence, they then participated in an outreach activity in the Emancipation Park around Eliminating Violence against Women. The outreach activity was a display of our LPW cushions and bags and our quilts which acted as conversation pieces for commuters through the park. This action will be a replica following through with the 16 Days of Activism including World AIDS Day action plan.

In country preparations are in progress for the face to face Caribbean Leaders Meeting which will be held from November 7-10 2016, Women Living with HIV  Leaders from Barbados, Jamaica and Guyana will be in attendance.

Family/friend Sensitization Session, with the Jamaica HIV Response Program as a sub-sub recipient of the Global Fund Project has concluded for year 2 the Validation ceremony of cohort #1 was held October 15, 2016.

ICW Central Africa

ICWCA was present at the 1st National Forum on eMTCT and HIV Care and Treatment for Children and Adolescents at Younde Cameroon from 25th to 27th October 2016.

The team used the opportunity to share the national and regional work that ICW women engaged in contributing to work on elimination of mother to child transmission and HIV care in children and adolescents and support the realization of an AIDS free generation in Cameroon.

Members from ICW- Central Africa take a picture at the conference

ICW Eastern Africa

This is a special message to our sisters in Tanzania. A coordination team has been set up to respond to the insecurity issues impacting transgender women in Tanzania. There are strategies in place for support and evacuation to safe places. For more information or to refer someone in need please reach out to the following three people. Joan Chamungu on email (ICWEA) and also the emergency response coordinator, Muko Richard staff person at NACOPHAand Saima Jiwan network support GNP+

To get more information on ICWEA activities for the month of October click on their website here

ICW Europe & Central Asia

The sisters from ICW Europe and Central Asia had a busy month of October. With support from UN Women the ladies organized a workshop for women to sensitize members on opportunities and tools for collection and analysis of information to influence policies that directly or indirectly impact HIV programming and people living with HIV in particular.

The workshop took place on October 26th to 28th 2016. Some of the man issues discussed include gender sensitive services, accessing decision making platforms, establishing key messaging and analytical instruments. To find out more about the meeting and the activities from the region see their Facebook page on the link here.

ICW North America

ICWNA had two of their leaders named as the recipients of the Annual 2020 Leading Women’s Society Awards.

The Awards were presented in October 2016 at a red carpet event organized by Sister Love. The Award is in honor of 20 outstanding women from across the country that have lived with HIV for more than 20 years and have served as vocal positive leaders and advocates in their local communities.

For more information about the award see the Sister love website here.

We Congratulate ICW Treasurer and Chair of ICWNA, Deloris Dockery and Claire Gasamagera for being recognized the 2020 Leading Women Society Award!

ICW Chapter of Young Women and Adolescent Girls (CYWAG)

Photo courtesy of EANASSO

CYWAG representative from Rwanda attended a meeting organized by EANNASO.

The meeting brought together Rwanda Civil Society and partners, members of Rwanda NGO forum on HIV/AIDS and health promotion, UNAIDS and various stakeholders to look at modalities of using country specific evidence to inform long term strategic planning towards ending AIDS epidemic as a public health threat by 2030.

Following that meeting Nadege, also joined Civil society meeting in Nairobi Kenya on Civil society and communities CCM’s to the Global fund score card shadow report as part of an Initiative to Improve the Transparency and Accountability of Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) in Anglophone Africa.

ICW Southern Africa

In partnership with Women's Legal Center, ICW SA and other organizations filed a complaint with the South African Commission on Gender Equality (CGE) on behalf of 48 women living with HIV who have experienced forced and coerced sterilization.

The CGE, which has the powers to make recommendations and hold actors accountable for human rights violations, has announced they will investigate the complaint. ICW SA will be following the investigation

In partnership with ICW Global and GNP+, ICW Malawi are starting a research project focused on PMTCT retention facilitators.


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"#Всегда жизнь"- ролик 2мин. "О женщинах с ВИЧ", Aurora Film:


ICW Workshops and Events

12 Oct


ICW Members Global Advocacy Workshops:

Advocacy Workshops is an ongoing monthly program to share knowledge and engage ICW members in global processes that impact their lives. These workshops are open to all self- identifying women living with HIV around the world and take place on Skype.

The Workshop in October provided an opportunity to learn from our experiences the best ways of self care for healthy lives for women living with HIV.

To register for a workshop please contact


25 Oct

October 'Twitterthon' to mark 25th Anniversary was an interactive session on twitter to talk about the role of sisterhood in ending poverty and improving our lives.

Upcoming Events and Times for Global Action

Special Advocacy call on Global fund- 23rd November

Follow our social media and participate in our action to mark 16 days of activism

Meet the Staff



Rose Adem



Title/Position in Region

Global Finance Manager


East Africa


I love family. I am domesticated. I love calm. Most of my friends talk much more than me. I talk best when I write… something I hope to do more. I look within myself for motivation... I like things done in a systematic and planned way, am not a last minute person.

I like working out, my ideal day is when I have managed to spend at least two hours in the gym. I love the energy that comes with exercising. My biggest dream is to one day run a full marathon. I read too, this year am reading fantasy books… nothing serious.


I am the Finance Manager and work in Nairobi Kenya in the Global office. My work day since I started this job has never been boring. Financial reporting, overseeing implementation of policies and procedures, donor reporting, resource mobilization, Human resources and administration. I hold a very rich portfolio and I love the growth that I have had so far in my role.

I work in a team of wonderful highly motivated and supportive women. This ensures that I achieve the healthy work life balance that I so cherish.


ICW is celebrating 25 years of sisterhood this year, For 25 years women have been resilient, creating spaces, occupying this spaces, amplifying voices to influence policies and issues affecting women living with HIV, because these many women were out there selflessly doing advocacy, facing ridicule, facing all types of obstacles; today young women and girls do not have to take that route anymore, they have better ways of advocating for policies.That’s why to me ICW is important.

The lived experiences shared and the benefits reaped for years of hard work is surely improving the quality of lives for women and young girls living with HIV.


You can help us amplify our impact and improve the lives of women and girls living with HIV

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