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ICW Global In Action

October 2016

ICW Global Updates


Tribute to a sister

Lilian Odhach in a past photo.

It is with sadness in our hearts that ICW would like to inform our members of the passing of one of our young members from the ICW Chapter of Young women and Adolescent Girls Living with HIV (CYWAG); Ms. Lilian Odhach who passed away on Friday evening after a being ill for a while with TB.

Lilian was a member of Personal Initiative for Positive Empowerment (PIPE), The Network of People Living with HIV (NEPHAK) and ‘Sauti Skika’ the initiative for adolescents and young people Living with HIV in Kenya.

She was a great advocate often speaking to break stigma and highlight the need to address issues of adolescent girls and young women living with HIV, she appeared on media and moderated support groups for young people. Lilian was instrumental in providing HIV testing services to her community, linking women and girls to care and providing counselling for those who needed it as they start their journey living with HIV.

Lilian was also a very dedicated member of her church where she sang in the choir and often spoke about the support that religious leaders could lend to fight stigma for people living with HIV. We celebrate a young girl whose dedication to the cause touched so many lives and helped shape the perceptions of many about HIV.

The international community is saddened by her death and is humbled by the outpouring of love and condolence messages on her Facebook wall and on to our emails. We are grateful to all that individually or as a group reached out to support Lilian in her final days showing the spirit of sisterhood.

Lilian will be buried on 21st October 2016 at her home in Kindu Bay.

A fundraising to help settle hospital bills and meet funeral costs is being organized by PIPE and other Civil Society Organizations in Kenya. For those who have expressed interest to help support Lilian’s Family please go to the ‘Donation’ section on our website here and select the Pay pal. Kindly add on to the details of your name the words ‘Lilian Fund’ so we can be able to track the payments to her family.

May Lilian Rest in Peace.

 Resource Mobilization

ICW was busy in September focusing on resource mobilization and sustainability for the network.

This month we were writing regional and global grants for upcoming events such as Love Positive Women 2017.

ICW also launched a campaign to build our core funding to ensure that our networks can continue to do the important work that we need to do and that it is led by women living with HIV. To donate to this campaign visit our donation page.

Criminalization of Motherhood

Building on the global criminalization of HIV disclosure, exposure and transmission and gender work that ICW has been long doing;ICW with the Canadian HIV Legal Network and feminist lawyers and researchers met to discuss how HIV criminalization impacts the experiences of motherhood for women living with HIV in Toronto, Canada on September 9th.

This meeting was to brainstorm and share methodologies for working with students of the faculty of social work and the facility of law and human rights to do a global scan of case studies and legislation.

ICW will be leading a one-year study to document this work.

ICW Regional Updates

ICW Asia Pacific

As a co-chair of UNZIPTHELIPS, ICWAP is joined in the planning and  organizing 16 days’ campaign for Key Affected Women and Girls in Asia (KAWG) and will be getting in touch very soon with more details of how you sisters in the region can participate.

ICWAP is closely working with UNWOMEN to finalize their feminist school module and going to organize a regional TOT very soon.

In the meantime ICWAP would like to hear from all of our sisters about your engagement in the global fund at the country level so that we can priorities our agenda in upcoming possible consultations. Please share with the regional secretariat your ideas how we can strengthen our communication in coming days to  ensure effective information and feedback sharing.

Look out for a survey regarding to be sent by the regional coordinator assessing the level of engagement in CCM and global fund to identify areas of advocacy around global fund.

Finally ICWAP is calling on sisters to join in the planning of LOVE POSITIVE WOMEN (LPW) campaign event to be celebrated in February next year. Please do share with the Regional Coordinator if any of you started planning or need any information regarding LPW.

Cards from past LPW event

ICW Central Africa

Members participated in the restitution of the Belgium Conference with UNAIDS Cameroon and civil society. The aims of these restitution was to facilitate joint agreement for achieving the 90 90 90 target.

ICW-CA is in the process of legally registering their Organization which has been accepted at the first level of the process.

ICW Eastern Africa

To get more news, stories and updates from ICWEA please visit their website on

ICW Europe & Central Asia

Eurasian Women’s Network on AIDS joined sisters from the region in session on self-love and care that included Yoga class and discussions on living a healthy life after 40. The meeting also provided for Communication and networking opportunities for promoting practices of self-care.

Photo courtesy of Eurasian Women's network


In Mena region, OMS and UNAIDS with National Program and Civil society developed National strategic plan for eliminating stigma and discrimination for all population in Health care for access to prevention and treatment in health care.

This is because discrimination is the first obstacle for access to treatment and services in the region.

In Tunisia for example, less than 30 percent of People Living with HIV have access to treatment.

ICW North America

Photo courtesy of Sisterlove Inc.

ICWNA is excited that two of their leaders were named as the recipients of the Annual 2020 Leading Women’s Society Awards.

The Award is in honor of 20 outstanding women from across the country that have lived with HIV for more than 20 years and have served as vocal positive leaders and advocates in their local communities.

Congratulations to ICW Treasurer and Chair of ICWNA, Deloris Dockery for bring one of the 2020 Leading Women Society Award!

Also congratulations to the other fabulous women living with HIV who are part of the list such as Claire Gasamagera who is on the ICWNA Board.

This event is a part of The 2020 Leading Women’s Society which is a component of SisterLove’s Positive Women's Leadership Project.


'Because I was in great pain I couldn't ask questions': HIV-positive Ugandan women only found out they had been sterilized when they tried to get pregnant years later, Mail Online UK:

Feature – HIV positive Ugandan women complain of forced sterilization in government hospitals, Thomson Reuters Foundation:

A Look at Mexico: HIV, Gender, Migration and Criminalization, The Body:

HIV-positive Ugandan women complain about forced sterilization in government hospital, Business Insider:

HIV+ Ugandan women forcibly sterilized, IOL:

HIV-positive Ugandan women complain of forced sterilization in government, Fox News:

Peru oficializa provecto, ICW Latina:

DH de mujeres, ICW Latina:

"#Всегда жизнь"- ролик 2мин. "О женщинах с ВИЧ", Aurora Film:

ICWAP represented in the film here;-

ICW Workshops and Events

ICW Members Global Advocacy Workshops:

Advocacy Workshops is an ongoing monthly program to share knowledge and engage ICW members in global processes that impact their lives. These workshops are open to all self- identifying women living with HIV around the world and take place on Skype. To register for a workshop please contact

12 Oct

Open forum on self-care and experiences of women living with HIV.

Upcoming Events and Times for Global Action

Advocacy workshop;-

How to get Involved in the Global Fund Processes – Presented by Maurine Murenga, Skype/Phone, Wednesday, November 9th, 8am Washington/3pm Nairobi

PrEP and Young Women – Presented by Lucy Akiru Wanjiku and Florence Anam, Skype/Phone, Wednesday December 14th 7am Washington/3pm Nairobi (please note that daylight saving might slightly alter the time of the workshop for some)

ICW 25 Years in Sisterhood Events:

An ongoing series happening every 25th of each month. Join ICW in tweet-a-thons, social media campaigns, public demonstrations and other fun activities to celebrate! For more information or to plan your own local event please contact

We are a Family Celebration, Jamaica, Tuesday, October 25th

If you are in Montego Bay, at the end of October, join ICW Caribbean and friends for an evening of celebration of 25 Years of Sisterhood. If you cannot be there in person, you are encouraged to send your messages to them using social media. For more information please contact

poster from #25yearsinsisterhood Twitterthon

Meet the Staff



Rebecca Matheson



Title/Position in Region

Global Director


Asia Pacific


Well I’ve been asking myself this a lot lately……who am I? I am a work in progress. I’m a family person, any spare time I have I like being around family. I live with Tabitha my six year old daughter who is wonderfully funny and super smart. We have a dog called Girly, a cat called puss and two chickens that give us fresh eggs every day (we had more chickens last year but we ate them) and baboons that visit on a very regular basis.

I used to like taking risks, living on the edge a little, now I’m over 40 I like feeling safe, less risks, I’m attracted to doing things that nurture me and feel comfortable and I especially love cooking and exploring good food in Kenya.

I’m highly motivated and a workaholic (although I’m trying to put boundaries in place and work on this) and when I have down time I love browsing the second hand bookshops for treasures to add to my library.

I’m definitely conflicted……..My dream is to one day live off the land and off the grid…..but….I love the city, museums, the hustle and bustle of big cities and of course a good smooth coffee in a take away cup… that crazy?


I work as part of a very amazing team of women who are just as passionate and motivated as I am. (just a little less crazy than me). I am the Global Director and work in Nairobi Kenya in the global office where I get to meet, liaise with, inform and influence new and interesting people from all over the world. It’s not a sexy job but it is exciting. I work long hours to ensure that ICW is reaching far and wide and that our team are connecting what’s happening on the ground for women actually translates into influence and global advocacy for policies and guidelines that make our lives better.

I manage, support, mobilize, and strategize with a team of hardworking, highly knowledgeable and skilled women, who every day challenge what I think and perceive and push me to do better, to do more and to think outside the box………..I represent women living with HIV from all over the world.


our stories, our experiences, our challenges, our successes keep it real. ICW takes our voices, our concerns our feedback to global platforms that,if ICW does not do that there will be no voice for women living with HIV at the table.

I remember 20 years ago getting a newsletter in the mail from ICW….i felt deeply connected to something bigger, I no longer felt alone, I knew that what I was facing so were women all over the world, reading your stories and sharing your successes gave me hope and a space to tell other women what I was thinking and feeling.

I believe this is still true today and ICW is a place of belonging and sisterhood, I know I still need this and feel good knowing ICW is a safe place for me to just be myself.


You can help us amplify our impact and improve the lives of women and girls living with HIV

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