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ICW Global Speak Up

18 July 2018

Nothing For Us Without Us

Launching ICW strategic plan 2018 - 2023

To our esteemed members, sisters and partners,

On behalf of the International Community of Women Living with HIV (ICW), I am pleased to present to you our ICW Strategic plan 2018-2023. This is the second global strategic plan since the ICW Global Office’s relocation to Nairobi and follows on from the successful implementation of the first that guided our work between 2014 and 2017.

Please read the strategic plan on the LINK HERE.

The process of developing the strategic plan has been that of looking into our experiences, lessons and achievements from the last strategic period providing an opportunity for collective and individual reflection, analysis, prioritization and strategic thinking.

The new ICW strategic plan will guide our networks engagement and work within the HIV response and beyond,not only advancing the health of women and girls globally but joining us all in the pursuit of our vision of a world where all women living with HIV live free of gender oppression, realising and claiming our full rights inclusive of sexual, reproductive, legal, social, economic and health rights.

With our shared vision and working to accomplish a common mission moves the ICW network forward in sisterhood beyond what any one of us can accomplish alone. The development of this plan has reinforced our belief in the strength each ICW regional and country network brings to the network resulting in a strengthened organisational solidarity and coherence.

On behalf of the International Steering Committee (ISC) of ICW, I extend a huge sisterhood gratitude to the many women and girls around the world who from 1992 believed in the centrality of the women’s voices and participation in policy and programs that affect our lives, who have carried the torch and given of themselves to support another sister with love, mentorship and growth that has seen ICW grow throughout the years and remain on course towards the achievement of our vision. THANK YOU!

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our donors, partners, fellow community networks who have been our allies and stood beside us over the years and particularly in the previous strategic period. THANK YOU. We remain steadfast in our commitment to working together with you, drawing on our collective strengths to move even beyond what has been achieved previously and make a better place for our peers and all women and girls living with HIV in all our diversity.

We look forward to working together to implement our plan and remain committed as ever to realizing our vision and mission and ensuring our voices are heard at all levels. Together we are ICW!

 For more information please get in touch with me on EMAIL: -

Thank you,

Marama Mullen

ICW Chair

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