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May 2016

ICW Global Updates

Some of the participants of the ICWSA regional workshop.

ICW Southern Africa regional research literacy Advocacy workshop

The International Community of women living with HIV (ICW Global) in partnership with the International Community of women living with HIV (ICW) Southern Africa and with support from The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) will be conducting a Research Literacy Advocacy workshop for Women living with HIV leadership from the region from 5th to 8th April 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Bringing together 15 participants from the region the workshop aimed to catalyze a coordinated, coherent and effective women living with HIV led Research Advocacy for improved HIV response in Southern Africa region.

ICW action at High Level Meeting Civil Society Hearing

On 6th April 2016, Members of Civil Society and communities of people living with HIV met in United Nations Headquarters in New York where they held an informal civil society hearing on the High Level Meeting on HIV and AIDS.

Civil society members are calling for bold declaration and ambitious targets from the June 2016 High Level Meeting on ending AIDS. To read more about ICW participation, activities and civil society asks, please click here.

Marama Pala ICW Ag. Chair makes a presentation during the HLM Civil Society Hearing.

ICW attends Gender meeting in New York

ICW participated at the Forum organized by UN Women entitled 'Financing Gender Equality.'

ICW Global and ICW Eastern Africa participated in a conference convened by UNWOMEN and RTI International on Ending Gender Inequalities.

The meeting addressed the Nexus of HIV, Drug Use and Violence with Evidence Based Action.The conference show-cased successful gendered Interventions to address HIV, Drug Use and violence and Evidence Based Interventions of reach to Key populations in their diversity at individual, community and societal levels.

The meeting also discussed empowering adolescents girls and young women and LGBTQ youth through evidence based interventions and Addressing Health and risk behavior using effective interventions for key populations, sex workers, trafficked persons and women living with HIV.

Living Pre Conference Update

As a partner in the Positive Leadership Summit – most commonly known as Living 2016, ICW has been active in the planning meetings. Due to overwhelming demand the applications needs to close early. In the coming weeks the team will be announcing the program and ways that Living 2016 will be the most innovative and exciting yet. Read here for more information and regular updates.

AIDS 2016

As a permanent partner of the International AIDS Conference, ICW participated in the final Conference Coordinating Committee and multiple marathon meetings to finalize programing for the AIDS 2016 Conference in Durban.

ICW is excited to announce that there is an amazing and exciting program that is filled with incredible research and presenters. For more information on the conference including visas, accommodations and other logistical information read IAS Website here.

ICW encourages all members and women living with HIV to contact us on so that we can compile a list of women attending.

ICW will be hosting a number of special events inclusive of beginning our 25th Anniversary Celebrations on Tuesday, July 19th and a number of high level sessions.

ICW represented in Global Fund meeting

 ICW was through the Communities Delegation represented in the Global Fund meeting that took place on 26th and 27th April at Abijan Cote’ DIvoire. The board meeting deliberated on various issues including the governance, allocation methodology, Sustainability and Transition and the new Global Fund strategy 2017 – 2021.

Maureen Murenga ICW Global fund cordinator during the meeting

The People Living with HIV Stigma Index Consultation

ICW is a member of the People Living with HIV Stigma Index small working group and actively engaged in the preparation for and Stigma Index consultation that took place on April 19-21, in Washington.

The consultation bringing together different key research experts and representatives of people living with HIV reviewed and developed recommendations for updating the People Living with HIV Stigma Index.

The small working group is working together with Project SOAR with support from USAID to evaluate and update the stigma index and will be reaching out to networks of people living with HIV in consultations and pretesting of the proposed new tool during the AIDS 2016 conference in Durban. For more information on this please contact Florence on

Participants of the stigma index consultation.

ICW Regional Updates

ICW Asia Pacific: Coordinator participated at the three days consultation during the Asia pacific CSO forum for Sustainable Development 2016on March 3rd to April 2nd 2016 in Bangkok. The overall objective of the forum was to inform and build the capacity of civil society on sustainable development at the global regional levels and on the opportunities and modalities for engaging in this process.

ICWAP Regional Cordinator during the meeting.

ICW Caribbean: In April, teams in the Caribbean started their workshop series on sensitizing the family and friends of women living with HIV on the issues of disclosure, ending violence against women and HIV. 15 women and 15 family members have committed to complete the process in Jamaica to date.

The outcome includes development of a curriculum and a manual to support women living with HIV family with disclosure.

In addition, the Jamaican Community of Positive Women published a statement to support Caricom efforts to advocate for the rights of women living with HIV leading up to and during the High Level Meeting in June. Read full statement here. 

ICW Eastern Africa: engaged in several activities in relation to the results of the Dapivirine ring study that was carried out in Uganda among other countries.

The key actions were an update civil society organization (CSO) meeting and interactive TV talk show which generated a lot of discussions regarding the long-term safety and efficacy of the product.

ICW Eastern Europe and Central Asia: disseminated the preliminary findings of a study entitled 'Sexual and reproductive health, gender equality and human rights, gender based violence, economic and political opportunities of women living with HIV in Ukraine. The meeting was attended by national and international policy makers, stakeholders, partners and representatives of people living with HIV.

ICW Latina: participated in an interview on HIV which was broadcasted on the channel CNN in Spanish. It was noted that it is important to provide accurate information on HIV and AIDS in order to avoid stigma and discrimination against the people living with HIV. It was noted that in the entire region stigma and the myths about HIV are the main barriers that impede the timely detection of the virus.

Details of the interview can be accessed here where ICW Honduras with the partner Benita Ramirez as reference and the partner Ana Vilma Bátiz Campbell, Leticia Serrano and Olga Hull of alternates, those who are committed to working to strengthen the chapter of ICW and had the representation of UNAIDS, Honduras Oikos of Honduras and the forocida and pledged to support the chapter at the historic meeting in April.

ICW MENA: In Lebanon, "The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world!" was a video that featured women living with HIV to push back against stigma in the region.This tool is available here.

MENA Rosa supported a gathering of doctors and nurses in Egypt to discuss health care services for women and children living with HIV. Over 150 health care providers attended the event.

ICW North America: The Board members for ICW-NA would like to talk about staffing changes that are happening in the region. The team are grateful for the staff support that Karen Marcinczyk {Outgoing Regional Cordinator) provided for almost two years.

Karen was instrumental in establishing ICW-NA structure and provided tireless administrative and reporting support to the Board and the network. Thank you very much Karen!

ICW-NA members were very busy April. Three members participated in AIDS WATCH 2016 which is a national campaign that brings HIV advocates to Washington DC to meet with their congressional leaders. These advocates met with legislators and discussed their access to healthcare issues and requesting funding for various programs and ask their leaders to support pending bills (legislations).

ICW-NA members also participated in Commission on the Status of Women side events, and co- sponsored an event with Women Health in Women’s Hands (WHIWH). On March 17 the side event focused on WHIWH’s holistic model of care for racialized women who have migrated from countries with generalized HIV epidemics.

Their HIV care model utilizes a cascade framework that links community engagement, education, testing, referral to care and treatment for those diagnosed with HIV, to support viral suppression.

ICW Southern Africa: The Namibia Women’s Health Network conducted a training on sexual and reproductive health rights of women living with HIV on April 23 and 24, 2016 at Leja Game Hotel in Windhoek.

The meeting participants were Namibian Members of Parliament and representatives of the civil society. The objective of the meeting was to engage with the national legislators in the discussions around sexual and reproductive health rights and draw their commitment to act on the CEDAW Committee recommendations 2015 and 2016 to the Namibian government.

Also discussed were the sustainable development goals and in particular the role of women living with HIV in implementation and accountability.

The Members of Parliament made commitment to implement SDG 3 and 5 so as to respond to the issues that were raised in the CEDAW Committee recommendations to Namibian government regarding sexual and reproductive health.  

Participants listening to workshop presentations

ICW West Africa: ICW members in the Gambia and Cape Verde are carrying out a massive HIV counselling and testing currently in line with achieving 90 90 90 targets and leaving no one behind, ensuring that everyone is tested and referred for further investigation.

The ICW chapters are working closely with USAID and the Ministry of Health to achieve the targets.

ICW Central Africa: Was represented at the 8th International Conference on HIV and Hepatitis that was held in Brussels, Belgium between 20th and 23rd April 2016. The conference brought together French speaking stakeholders in health to share information and lessons for addressing HIV and Hepatitis in the region.

Chapter for Young Women, Adolescents and Girls (CYWAG) was represented at the 2016 high level meeting on ending AIDS in New York. This month the CYWAG Media team had a number of workshops to prepare for their involvement in the AIDS 2016 Conference in Durban.

This included skills building workshops like writing an advocacy blog, and using social media effectively.


ICW, International Day for Maternal Health and Rights 2016: Ensure all women living with HIV have access to rights-based maternal health!

ICW, ICW Calls on Women Living with HIV to Get Informed, Take Action – End Malaria for Good!:

ICW, High Level Meeting on HIV

UNAIDS, What will it take to virtually eliminate sexual transmission of HIV by 2030?:

The Body, Together We Can Make HIV Justice Worldwide a Reality:

HIV Justice Worldwide:

CNN, La importancia de informar correctamente sobre el SIDA:

Global Press Journal, Lawsuit Spotlights Forced Sterilization of Women in East African Countries:

The Ukrainian Weekly, At the UN Ukraine Speak about Russia’s Aggression:

Inter Press Services, Plan for Poorer Countries to Fund HIV Response Raises Concerns

All Africa, Disabled Cry for Inclusion towards Ending HIV Epidemic:

ICW Workshops and Events

ICW Members Advocacy Workshop call on Wednesday, April 20th ICW featured a presentation entitled The High Level Meeting (HLM) on AIDS: Outcomes from the Civil Society Hearing and Getting Involved. More information can be accessed through

ICW continued to release regular Global Fund updates and share them with diverse stakeholders inclusive of membership and partners. For the details of this month’s Global Fund newsletter, please click

World Malaria Day poster courtesy- Internet.

On April 25th stakeholders in health and communities across the globe took part in a wide range of activities to mark World Malaria Day.

The International Community of women living with HIV joined the rest of the world to deliberate efforts to address Malaria co-infection for pregnant women living with HIV and ensure positive health outcomes for mothers and their babies. Read full statement here.

Upcoming events and time for global action

ICW Members Global Advocacy Workshops: Advocacy Workshops is an ongoing monthly program to share knowledge and engage ICW members in global processes that impact their lives.

These workshops are open to all self identifying women living with HIV around the world and take place on Skype.

To register for a workshop please contact

HIV Vaccines Research and Development in partnership with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) and Kenya AIDS Vaccines Initiative (KAVI), Wednesday, May 18th at 3pm Nairobi/8am Washington time

Getting ready on the Road to Durban, AIDS 2016 Local Hub Building Workshop, Wednesday, June 8th at 3pm Nairobi /8am Washington time

SPECIAL SESSION: HIV High Level Meeting Report Back, Wednesday, June 22nd, at 3pm Nairobi /8am Washington time

ICW Hub Practice Run and Final Preparations, July 13th at 3pm Nairobi /8am Washington time.

ICW women

ICW Advocacy Workshop

As a special feature to mark World HIV Vaccine Awareness day ICW will host an advocacy call titled 'HIV Vaccines Research and Development'  in partnership with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) and Kenya AIDS Vaccines Initiative (KAVI), Wednesday, May 18th at 3pm Nairobi/8am Washington time. 

Email Velvine on giving your Skype ID or phone number to get involved.

Meet the staff

NAME: Maurine Murenga


REGION: East Africa

TITLE/POSITION IN REGION: Global Fund Advocacy Officer

WHO I AM: I am openly living with HIV since the early 2000s. In 2002 I could not access Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) services and my son contracted HIV at birth.

In 2008, I founded the Lean On Me Foundation, which provides comprehensive care and support to adolescent girls and young women living with HIV and affected by tuberculosis in Kenya.

I was also a Global Fund Advocates Network ‘Here I Am’ Campaign Ambassador from 2012-2013, is a member of the Gender Technical Committee on HIV and AIDS in Kenya, Women4GF and the Communities Delegation to the Global Fund Board.

I am a two-time award winner for my work with women and girls - winning the Unsung Hero Award from the US embassy in Kenya and the East Africa Community Service Award from the Ufadhili Trust.

I am also an ambassador for malaria free society.I have also had another baby in 2013 who is HIV-free.

Currently I coordinate global fund activities at ICW Global office based in Nairobi, Kenya.

ICW women
ICW - The International Community of Women Living with HIV (ICW)is the only global network by and for women living with HIV

Global Office

Yaya Center, Wood Avenue
Machera Court, Komo Lane
Ground Floor – CG

PO Box 7228 Postal Code 00100
Nairobi, Kenya

Kenyan Based Staff

Rebecca Matheson – Global Director

Velvine Jobiese – Administrative Assistant

Florence Anam – Advocacy and Communications Manager

Maurine Murenga – Global Fund Coordinator

Rose Adem – Finance Manager

Virtual Staff

Toronto, Canada

Jessica Whitbread – Community Relations & Mobilization Manager

Washington, DC, US

Sophie Brion – Human Rights Attorney

Washington, DC, US

Katie Filous – Legal Fellow

Kampala, Uganda

Margret Happy – Communications and Advocacy Officer

Regional Coordinators

ICW AP: Sita Shahi



ICW NA: Karen Marcinczyk

ICW MENA: Rita Wahab

ICW C: Olive Edwards

ICW LA: Arely Cano

ICW CA: Francine Nganhale

ICW ECA: Sveta Morozo

International Steering

Asia Pacific

Norlela Mohktar, Malaysia

Marama Pala, New Zealand,

Acting Chair

Central Africa

Fetia Donatienne, Democratic Republic of Congo


Althea Cohen, Jamaica

Marsha Sandiford, Barbados

East Africa

Teresia Njoki Otieno, Kenya

Europe and Central Asia

Olena Stryzak, Ukraine

Zhenya Mailyan

Latin America

Ruth Mery Linares Hidalgo, Costa Rica

Hilda Esquivel, Mexico

Middle East and North Africa

Souhalia Ben Said, Tunisia

North America

Deloris Dockrey, USA,


Marvelous Mucenje, Canada

Southern Africa

Thembi Mkambule

Global Chair

West Africa

Monisola Elizabeth Ajiboye, Nigeria

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