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July 2016

ICW Updates


L'Orangelis Negron, ICW member giving her presentation at the HLM


ICW actively participated throughout all the processes of HLM . Prior to the HLM, ICW engaged in extensive advocacy and lobbying activities to elevate the voices and priorities of women living with HIV.

This involved consultation with ICW members around the world to see what women living with HIV wanted and prioritized in the HLM Political Declaration; ICW monitored the Political Declaration negotiations; and engaged in an intensive lobbying to meet with UN Missions and Member State representatives to ensure that leaders knew What Women Living with HIV Want, and ICW members and advocates representing women living with HIV in all our diversity were selected to present critical perspectives during the recent Civil Society Hearing (CSH) in May.

As a result, the official Political Declaration included some positive outcomes for women and girls living with HIV. These included: strong language focused on gender-based violence and HIV, stigma and discrimination, meaningful stakeholder participation including women living with HIV, and commitments to financing and accountability.

However, ICW joined other members of civil society in expressing disappointment in the final Political Declaration, and called for a forward-looking agenda to end the HIV epidemic that reflects the needs and rights of key populations, including transgender people, sex workers, people who use drugs, prisoners, and men who have sex with men.


ICW Community Mobilizations Manager joins the March at HLM


What Women Want

ICW was represented among the global HIV advocates and activists who were hosted by the ATHENA Network June 10 to discuss What Women Want in the global HIV response to HIV.

The advocates and activists dedicated to move forward the role of women and advancing gender equity as well as human rights in the global HIV response. Participants shared personal views on the progress made and their views on what it would take to reach the commitments in the Political Declaration 2016 on Ending AIDS by 2030.

They explored options for stronger coordination and joint leadership to support women-led organizations and strengthen young women’s leadership in the HIV movement and beyond.

The Political Declaration strongly recognizes the importance of advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment as a human right and as critical to ending AIDS. This global political commitment sets very important precedence for ensuring that women and girls in all our diversities are put at the center of the global HIV to achieve an end to AIDS by 2030.

ICW was proud to partner with long time partners ATHENA on this event with many others and look forward to our future collaborations in regards to this global movement.


ICW women at the #Whatwomenwant Campaign


ICW partnered with AVAC and Canadian HIV and AIDS Legal Network for a HLM2016 side event In Sisterhood: A celebration of the accomplishments of networks of women living with HIV. The event was fruitful, full of sharing stories and friendship building. ICW was delighted that so many of our brothers came our to support the women living with HIV in their communities. Long time ICW supporter and friend, Nelson Otwoma said some particularly beautiful words about the power of women living with HIV and their strengthen and resilience within the greater HIV response. 


Criminalization of HIV Screening and Discussion in NYC

ICW partnered with the Canadian HIV Legal Network, Sero Project and the What Would an HIV Doula Do Collective for an evening to talk about the impacts of HIV criminalization on women living with HIV at a pre HLM side event on June 6th in NYC. Following the screening of the film Consent (which is available on line for free) there was a robust panel session and broad dialogue with the audience. ICW is excited to be partnering with these HIV Justice Worldwide partners in Durban for Beyond Blame: HIV Criminalization Pre Conference (Sunday, July 17th) and a workshop on the Beyond Blame: A Feminist Dialogue (Tuesday, July 19th, 2:30 to 5:00 session room 9). 


WHO Consolidated Guidelines

ICW joined the launch of WHO Consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral for treating and preventing HIV infection, second edition. ICW was a part of the WHO ARV Guidelines Core Group and the Clinical and Operational Guideline Development Group Members and contributed to language on Women and Gender in the development of these guidelines. 


Ms. Maurine Murenga.


ICW is thrilled for the appointment of Ms. Maurine Murenga, ICW Advocacy Manager (Global Fund) to the position of an Alternate Board Member of Global Fund for Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV. ICW commits to provide Maurine all the necessary support to ensure that she fulfills her role and enhance the visibility for women and girls living with HIV. 


ICW Regional Updates


ICW Asia Pacific

ICWAP’s Ms. Sukjai represented ICW in the IATT meeting on June 23rd. In addition ICWAP spent a large majority of the month mobilizing resources and meetings with partners to gear up toward their 2017 workplan and continued advocacy around forced and coerced sterilization and the ICW School of Feminism. ICW AP is excited because they were granted a marketplace booth for AIDS 2016 to showcase the work of their regional women.

Regional Coordinator Sita Shanti will be sitting on a special session on her experiences managing the regional network of women living with HIV in Nepal following the two earthquakes in 2014.11am – 12:30pm - Sustaining HIV Prevention and Treatment Programs in the Context of Public Health Emergencies Session Room 6.


ICW Caribbean

SUPPORT WANTED! ICW Caribbean is looking for women and young women living with HIV and in the Caribbean to support the Media Team and build a more vibrant community thought the Social Media. ICW Caribbean is looking for a focal point who have basic knowledge on the Social Media management, access to internet, enjoy writing and/or that can reach more women, young women, adolescents & girls living with HIV. For more information, write to

ICW Caribbean also launched its ICW Caribbean fanpage and social media tools while the Jamaican Community of Positive Women (JCW+) were active in recent blogtavism.


ICW Europe and Central Asia

Regional Board Member Yulia Godunova from Russia spoke with UNAIDS and Yoo (Ban) Soon-taek, the wife of the Secretary-General of the United Nations as she took them for a tour led by EVA in St. Petersburg. International Steering Committee representative for the region also spoke at the HLM on a session about women and girls. Olena Stryzak talked about including key populations, most notable women who use drugs in regards to pregnancy and childcare supports.

Sveta Moroz will be sitting on a special session on her experiences supporting women living with HIV throughout the current conflict with Russia. 11am – 12:30pm – Sustaining HIV Prevention and Treatment Programs in the Context of Public Health Emergencies Session Room 6. 


Members of ICW Latina



The Fifth Local Criminal Judge, Walter William Vargas, dismissed the case that was filled against regional coordinator Arely Cano due to lack of evidence on the allegation that Arely causes obstruction of the police duties and abused them. ICW Latina supported and actively demonstrated around her case. ICW Latina was highly visible at the HLM in NYC with 7 members on country delegations and as part of the civil society delegations. 



Souhalia Ben Said and Rita Wahab both were invited high level speakers at the HLM in June in NYC. Reaching the 90 90 90 and including key populations while respecting the rights of women and girls were important themes in their separate speeches.

MENA is calling the government of Tunisia for action in HIV response.The Board of Global Fund approved in 2015 a grant of $ 11.5 million (23 million dinars) for HIV response for the period January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2018.

However, with the New Funding Model, the rules have changed, and the Tunisian government must first sign a new agreement with the Global Fund for the money to be released. Unfortunately, government refused to sign for the grant to be released because the reservations in the New Funding Model are not in line with the Tunisian Constitutional provisions for privileges, arbitration and allowances. The delay in signing for the grant is impacting heavily the community of people living with HIV and the response in general. 



In Toronto, there was a body mapping workshop to discuss side effects of treatment for women living with HIV. It was attended by 17 women. The next workshop will be help in Ottawa the end of August. ICWNA is excited to have a number of abstracts accepted for the upcoming PWN Positive Summit in Florida in September, 2016.

We will be there proudly waving the ICW banner. 


ICW Southern Africa

In June ICW Southern Africa was involved in planning with other ICW regions and the Global office for AIDS 2016. This included working closely with the Global Office to ensure that regional women inclusive of Board members were able to attend. ICW SA is excited for the regional home coming of the AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa.

The team was represented by Astou Diop and Mathilde Akor a the HIV High Level Meeting. Both women were part of their country delegations and Mathilde spoke on a session about access to treatment in West African Countries. 


The CYWAG Media Team worked with WGNRR to create a joint statement for the HIV High Level Meeting which was distributed. CYWAG also had a number of members present at the HLM who were very active speaking on panel sessions such as Violet Banda on sexual and reproductive health and rights and L’Orangelis Thomas about leaving no one behind. 




UN TV, Breaking the Silos:

ICW, CYWAG and WGNRR Joint Statement in Advanced of the HLM on Ending HIV/AIDS:

The Bahamas Weekly, CIM Reports on the Rights of Women Living with HIV in the Americas:

The Monitor, East Africa: Forced Sterilization of Women Living with HIV Must Stop:


ICW 25 years Anniversary!


This International AIDS Conference marks the beginning of 25 Years in Sisterhood for ICW. Starting in 1992 we want to encourage people to join us for this magnificent celebration to mark this huge accomplishment. Please join us: Tuesday, July 19th from 7 - 11pm at AIDS 2016. To RSVP please email



ICW women

Get Involved


ICW Advocacy Workshops

August 10th – ICW Members Advocacy Workshop – A celebration and AIDS 2016 Report Back from the CYWAG Media Team 8am Washington/3pm Kenyan time please contact for more information. 


Meet the staff


Katie Filous


Name:Katie Filous

Country: USA

Position: Legal Fellow

Who i am? I am a human rights attorney,runner, mother of two dogs and one cat and a strong ally for women living with HIV.

Why is ICW Important? ICW is important because women are important! I think women living with HIV are brilliant and i am very lucky to be a part of the team this past year!

ICW women
ICW - The International Community of Women Living with HIV (ICW)is the only global network by and for women living with HIV

Global Office

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Kenyan Based Staff

Rebecca Matheson – Global Director

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Florence Anam – Advocacy and Communications Manager

Maurine Murenga – Global Fund Coordinator

Rose Adem – Finance Manager

Virtual Staff

Toronto, Canada

Jessica Whitbread – Community Relations & Mobilization Manager

Washington, DC, US

Sophie Brion – Human Rights Attorney

Washington, DC, US

Katie Filous – Legal Fellow

Kampala, Uganda

Margret Happy – Communications and Advocacy Officer

Regional Coordinators

ICW AP: Sita Shahi


ICW WA: Assumpta Reginald


ICW NA: Deloris Dockrey

ICW MENA: Rita Wahab

ICW C: Olive Edwards

ICW LA: Arely Cano

ICW CA: Francine Nganhale

ICW ECA: Sveta Moroz

International Steering

Asia Pacific

Norlela Mohktar, Malaysia

Marama Pala, New Zealand,

Acting Chair

Central Africa

Fetia Donatienne, Democratic Republic of Congo


Althea Cohen, Jamaica

East Africa

Teresia Njoki Otieno, Kenya

Europe and Central Asia

Olena Stryzak, Ukraine

Zhenya Mailyan

Latin America

Ruth Mery Linares Hidalgo, Costa Rica

Hilda Esquivel, Mexico

Middle East and North Africa

Souhaila Bensaid, Tunisia

North America

Deloris Dockrey, USA,


Marvelous Mucenje, Canada

Southern Africa

Thembi Mkambule

Global Chair

West Africa

Monisola Elizabeth Ajiboye, Nigeria

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