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Women at AIDS2018, 22nd International AIDS Conference | Amsterdam, the Netherlands | 23-27 July 2018
ICW AIDS2018 Civil Society Partner

April 2018

ICW Global Updates

ICW at AIDS 2018

Dear Members and partners Welcome our inaugural Women at AIDS2018 Newsletter!! The newsletter serves as the ICW platform for amplifying our women and girl’s participation, representation and influencing at the upcoming AIDS Conference in Amsterdam. We will be updating you on what’s going down at the AIDS 2018 conference with a focus on what ICW and our peer women led networks are planning, or engaging in. Stay tuned too as we will share information on what members need to know prior to the conference and how you can get involved. We’ll be featuring discussions on AIDS 2018, our sessions at the conference, young women and girl’s involvement in the conference and our expected outcome. In this first issue, we feature; -

  • Introduction to ICW at AIDS 2018
  • Youth Pre-conference updates
  • Key dates and important links to consider for the AIDS 2018

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In previous years, ICW has been at the center of action and interventions for women and girls in this space, from partnering to co-host the Women’ networking zone, planning and being part of People living with HIV and Key ally Pre-Conferences, engaging in plenary sessions presentations, running a vibrant booth and engaging at the community village. This year we promise to bring more action, create more visibility and provide better coordinated engagement platform for women’s mobilizing, auctioning and joint learning.

The theme of this year’s AIDS conference aims at providing an opportunity for connections between women, girls and world experts, researchers, programmers and civil society voices in sharing evidence and lessons that respond to women issued including human rights through endorsement of rights-based and evidence-informed and tailored interventions to address the needs of vulnerable communities, including people living with HIV, sex workers, women and girls and young people.

The conference also provides an opportunity to trigger various commitment and accountability amongst all key stakeholders within the response such as the government, donor agencies, the private sector and civil society to ensure and all round sustainable, inclusive and multi-sectoral approach to the response.

ICW will be keeping you informed on what we are up to build up in advance for the conference, various conversations we are engaging in currently and in future to ensure meaningful involvement and participation of women living with HIV. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow our social media pages to follow our conversations!

Picture Courtesy of the Amsterdam Youth Force Facebook Page

The Chapter of Young Women and Girls (CYWAG) at AIDS 2018 Update:

For young women, the Global Network of Young People living with HIV (Y+), in partnership with the Amsterdam Youth Force is organizing a Youth Pre-conference, the conference is set to occur on the 20th to the 22nd of July 2018 in the run-up to the main International AIDS Conference. This pre-conference is a very important area of interest for the Chapter of Young Women and Girls (CYWAG), in coordination of women and girls. The aim of this Pre-conference is to enable young people to interact with each other from different scopes, cultures and walks of life, sharing experience and notes of what works in their countries back home. it also aims to not only be a platform, but also a safe space where young people can feel free to engage with each other with an infusion of art, activism and science as well as entertainment. it also intends to link scientists, activists, youth from key and vulnerable populations to learn, and at the same time teach about HIV. Registration for this conference is set to open on 15th April, and you can be on the look out for that here:

Important Dates to consider for AIDS 2018:

15 March 2018

  • Tour bookings open
  • Volunteer applications open

9 April 2018:

  • Exhibition applications close
  • Satellite symposium submissions close

15 April 2018

  • Youth Pre-Conference registration opens

 19 April 2018
  • Late-breaker abstract submissions open

10 May 2018

  • Late-breaker abstract submissions close

17 May 2018

  • Standard Registration ends

1 June 2018

  • Deadline to request a Letter of Invitation and to submit a visa application

30 June 2018

  • Affiliated Independent Events submissions close

Important Links to consider for AIDS 2018:

Apply now for the Women Now! Conference here:

Apply now for a session at the Global Fund Advocates Network Global Village Networking Zone:

STI 2018 Preconference: The International AIDS Society (IAS) is proud to announce STI 2018. An official pre-conference of the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018), STI 2018 will be held on 21-22 July 2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.




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