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Global Director's News

December 19th 2017

Nothing For Us Without Us


Dear ICW members and friends,

As I stop to reflect as we madly dash towards the end of the year, I am truly amazed at the way we have connected with women all over the world this year.

25 years strong as we head into 2018 with a new strategic plan and an incredibly strong mobilized passionate membership base that drives our direction and keeps us steered towards our global advocacy goals, mindful that this means women and girls have better access to treatment care and support in our local communities……. where it counts.

2017 was a very important year for ICW, through our networks our sisterhood was strengthened with joint work and collaborative efforts across all regions. We connected with our members all over the world, via skype, Facebook, twitter, emails, website and our growing member list serve.

During the Annual General Meeting in November Marama Mullen from ICW Asia Pacific was elected as our new Chair and Ruth Linares from ICW Latina as Vice Chair of the International Steering Committee (ISC). We are excited at the opportunity to formally have a team of dedicated leadership that is committed to strengthening our governance structure and give support to ICW’s operations in our service to our sisters globally.

The election followed an ISC meeting at the tail end of a great week of planning and strategizing during the ICW strategic plan retreat held in Bangkok on 6th to 10th November 2017.

We are excited for the opportunity to set a strategic direction for ICW and understand that the achievement of the aspirations of our collective sisterhood for the next three years as Is embodied in the soon to be finalized Theory of Change can only happen in an environment in which ICW engages collaboratively with our members and partners at every level while showcasing lessons and outcomes that build your confidence in our work and engagement with you.We remain committed to honoring our pledges to you all.

A big thank you goes to our International Steering Committee and the Regional coordinators for your continued leadership and support, our vast network requires strong leaders who show commitment by turning up, speaking out loud and believing in the power of ICW.

I look forward to the year ahead and anticipate great opportunities and partnerships as our team works hard to ensure your voices are carried into all the global spaces to create the change we want. I look forward to launching our new strategic plan, connecting and working with all of you to make ICW a safe place for us to connect and share our experiences making ICW the voice of women and girls living with HIV.

Happy Holidays!


Sharing below the end of year message from our new Chairperson.

ICW Chairperson Marama Mullen

Dear ICW sisters,

First of all thank you so much for the opportunity to serve you as the chairperson of the ICW International Steering Committee (ISC).

I am excited that we have successfully managed to come to the end of another year of exciting work that embodies the principle of ‘Leaving no one behind’ by jointly coming together to do our bit in making our experiences and those of the women and girls living with HIV in all our diversity remain on the agenda of the HIV and Health responses from global to grassroots level.

On behalf of the ISC I would like to extend gratitude to our members who have remained committed to the growth and strengthening of ICW and the voice of women and girls living with HIV in the HIV response at policy development, program design, implementation and evaluation.

You have showed up sometimes when it was hard to and ensured our ICW flag remained flying high. Under the leadership of our Regional coordinators you have documented your presence and capacity in these processes and provided hope for our abilities and made valid what we stand for Nothing for us without us!

We extend our appreciation to all our partners and members; A big thank you to all our donors, partners and friends who have continued to support our growth and appreciate the strength of our diversity to push forward our agenda together in unity and solidarity!

In all of 2017 you have provided opportunities, support and guidance that has enabled our active participation including strengthening our institutional capacity thereby giving us hope for a sustainable and more productive Global network of women living with HIV. We couldn’t do this without you so thank you!

We at ICW understand our critical position for ensuring all women and girls in all our diversity and particularly those of us living with HIV are at the center of important decision making and implementation and monitoring processes towards the globally shared vision of an end to AIDS. We know that to achieve this we have to remain committed towards our call for gender equality, equity and ensure our communities remain supportive environments in which women and girls living with HIV can thrive and be productive.

Today is a new day for ICW and our exciting journey forward into 2018. As we plan for the launch and start of the implementation of our new strategic plan 2018-2021 the International Community of Women Living with HIV heralds in a New Year bringing with it renewed vitality and energy for the tasks ahead.

The ISC is fully committed to supporting the secretariat in the quest to achieving what is deemed a very ambitious goal globally because we believe in our ability to contribute to a world where all women and girls living with HIV live healthy and quality lives contributing to the socio-economic achievements of their country. That is the world Women want!

Happy Holidays!

Marama Mullen.

We would like to inform you all that ICW Global office will be closed for the holidays from 15th December 2017 and will resume work on 15th January 2018.

We wish you a safe and happy holidays and an amazing start to 2018! Together we are ICW!

Rebecca Matheson

Rebecca Matheson
Global Director


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