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ICW Global In Action

August 2016

ICW News and Updates


ICW at AIDS 2016

The ICW team was bold and beautiful in their advocacy and actions at the 21st International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa.

ICW joins the 'Keep the promise march 2016' in Durban

Taking our place as leaders in the gender and HIV response, ICW was highly visible prior to AIDS 2016 during the pre-conferences as co-organizers of Living 2016 and Beyond Blame; as well  as participants in Women Now!, No More Lip Service: Trans Access, Equality and Rights Now!, Towards an HIV Cure, Interfaith, and the Indigenous pre-conference.

The ICW family also took part in the ICWEA led, March against Forced and Coerced Sterilization, as well as the Code Red March organized by Health gap, and the Keep the promise 2016 march and concert organized by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) to advocate for increased funding to HIV and AIDS.

In addition, our role on the AIDS 2016 Conference Coordinating Committee (CCC), supported our involvement in the development of the rich Sex Magic: Advancing Trans and Non-Binary People’s Sexual Health and Rights, Sustaining HIV Prevention and Treatment Programs in the Context of Public Health Emergencies, and our own inter-sectional session on Violations in Healthcare Settings with a Focus on Forced and Coerced Sterilization with panelists speaking from their experiences as sex workers, lesbians, transgender, and women living with HIV.

The CYWAG Young Women’s Media Team also worked closely on the development of the What a Girls Wants! High level session with Charlize Theron, Graca Machel, and Ambassador Birx getting questions in real time from young women all around the world, we are proud of Keren Dunaway a long time ICW member from Honduras who facilitate the session.

The Women Networking Zone (WNZ2016) was a hotspot for many ICW sessions whether regionally or key population specific themed, such as the Women, Drugs and HIV session with INPUD or the HIV is Not a Crime session with HIV Justice Worldwide partners.

In total ICW had over 50+ different presentations, workshops and booths that talked about our national, regional and global work. Way to go TEAM ICW!

ICW celebrates 25 years in sisterhood.


During AIDS 2016 ICW launched the beginning of a year long celebration of sisterhood to mark 25th anniversary of ICW.


ICW members joined by Hon.Graca Machel during the 25 years in sisterhood celebrations

In Durban, we celebrated with over 100 of our closest friends and community members for an evening of dancing and drinks at Moyo. Speeches were given by founders Kate Thompson and Dorothy Onyango, as well as from the young CYWAG members who talked about ICW’s future. Graca Machel even stopped by to wish ICW well and to congratulate us.

Throughout 2016-2017 ICW will be spending time to better document our HERstory and having celebratory events around the world. We will also be using #25YearsinSisterhood for all our media campaign. Follow us on twitter and send messages of love to us on our twitter and instagram handle- @ICW_Global.

We look forward to celebrating with you. If you have any images or ICW stories that you would like to share, please contact Jessica at We want to hear from you! Let’s build our collective HERstory together.

Showcasing ICW family in a beautiful quilt made by ICW Carribean members

Celebration with MSMGF

ICW was not the only one having a special celebration during the AIDS 2016 Conference, our friends at MSMGF had their 10-year anniversary.

To celebrate ICW hosted a special session in the MSM Networking Zone titled Unusual Suspects: How to Build Your Social Justice Family to talk about how the MSM and women’s movement can support each other in the HIV response.During this session we also talked about transphobia and how to address this with in the larger HIV response.

Later that evening ICW and MSMGF both celebrated at the wildly infamous party ‘No Pants No Problem’. During the party, the crowd of over 500 people sang happy birthday to both ICW and MSMGF in a beautiful display of unity.

ICW commits to doing more to stop homophobia and transphobia in our movement and was completely honored to have done our first of many events with our social justice family member MSMGF.


ICW continued with our Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) work throughout July as we finished up the UN Women grant. This included workshops in Russia, Thailand, Namibia and Mozambique. These workshops were part of a micro grant program that we are hoping to get renewed funding for as it was incredibly successful.

In addition to this, ICW launched a new tool A Guide for the Sustainable Development Goals for Networks of Women Living with HIV that is now accessible on our website.

This tool is an introductory to the SDGs and why they are important to women living with HIV. It was launched in Durban in the Global Fund Advocates Networking Zone as well as discussed and shared in the Putting the ‘S’ in SRHR in the SDGs session.

ICW member consultations and strategic plan preparation meeting.

ICW Members in discussions during the consultations

On July 18th, in Durban, South Africa, ICW members gathered to get an update about the current status of the 2014 – 2016 Global Strategic Plan and Advocacy Agenda.

The meeting provided an opportunity to learn and share about things that are most pressing to members from different regions. Most of all it was a time for members to jointly brainstorm and share their vision of the role of ICW moving past our 25th  anniversary year.

For those who could not join us, this is only the beginning of the discussion, with many more opportunities for input. For more information please contact

ICW Members listening in during the consultation meeting

ICW Regional Updates

ICW Asia Pacific

The team actively participated and facilitated discussions during AIDS 2016 with sessions in the main conference as well as in the Living and Indigenous Pre Conferences.

In total there was a team of 14 women that attended and presented in over 10+ sessions. ICW AP also marched for access to treatment and to stop forced and coerced sterilization which has been a pressing human rights issue in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia amongst others.

ICWAP wants to congratulate Marama Pala for her impressive work with her team INA Foundation which was recognized winning the Red Ribbon Award.

Red Ribbon 2016 award winners.

ICW Caribbean

The team from the Caribbean was busy preparing for their collective role at the AIDS 2016 conference. More than ever, ICW Caribbean was visible and active with speaking engagements, workshops facilitation, a JCW+ marketplace booth, and a robust social media plan.

Follow ICW Caribbean on Facebook, or read the Blogtavism Page. Women living with HIV in the region are encouraged to write and blog about their experiences. To find out more contact

Finally, ICW Caribbean would like to celebrate the work of the JCW+ quilting club, for their gift of a #25YearsinSisterhood quilt in celebration of the global launch of the 25th Anniversary. It was loved and appreciated by all the ICW women and our partners.

ICW West and Central Africa

At AIDS 2016 ICW Central & West Africa with members from: Togo, Cameroon, Chad, Gabon, Mali, Gambia, Burkina Faso, and Nigeria, were involved in a press conference with focus on the attainment of vision 90-90-90.

The press briefing provided series of ideas and strategies through which vision 90-90-90 can be attained, to ensure that persons living with HIV are enrolled into care and achieve maximum viral suppression.

In attendance at the press briefing were representatives from, ICW WA and CA, ITPC WA and CA, RAME, Youth plus, NAPLUS, UNAIDS West and Central Africa RST and UNAIDS Geneva represented by the Chief Community Mobilization Chris Collins.

ICW West and Central Africa also attended the session on Towards an HIV Cure and Living 2016 Pre Conferences.

The session on “Supporting youth with HIV through Early Disclosure” attended by members revealed “only 13% of children living with HIV at the hospital know their HIV status”.  The reasons given by caregivers for not disclosing to their wards included; inability of the children to understand, fear of disclosure to other children or family or friends, fear of psychological disturbances of the children, or fear of them blaming their parents.

Another interesting symposia attended by ICW WA members was on: “A multi-sector approach to reducing mother to child transmission of HIV”. Ending transmission of HIV from mother to child is the beginning of ending AIDS.

Innovative partnerships between the private sector, non-governmental and international organizations, governments and communities are successfully strengthening health systems to support effective delivery and scale up of prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) services.

ICW WA was also a partner in the organization of the March to End Forced and Coerced Sterilization on July 21st.

ICW Eastern Africa

ICWEA was actively represented in Durban during AIDS 2016 conference. The highlight of ICWEA action was the march calling on an end to forced and coerced sterilization of women living with HIV because of their HIV status. The match was attended by hundreds of women who also asked for respect of women and girls sexual and reproductive health and rights.

For more information on this and many more of ICWEA action in Durban visit their website;-

ICW Europe & Central Asia

Eurasian Women’s Network on AIDS (EWNA) with support of the EECA regional UNFPA, UNDP, UN Women and UNAIDS offices conducted meeting in Tbilisi, 9-11th July, 2016 to review EWNA’s strategic plan, its progress and developing new 2016-2017 operational plan including communication strategy.

The meeting brought together women leaders from 11 regional countries, communities and civil society organizations including Eurasian Harm Reduction Network, Eurasian Network of People Who Use Drugs, ITPCRU, SWAN, Regional Legal network.

EWNA produced a communication of their involvement at AIDS 2016. A special moment of appreciation for Regional Coordinator, Sveta Moroz who spoke on behalf of women living with HIV and civil society in the closing ceremony.

Sveta Moroz giving her speech during the IAS closing ceremony.

ICW Latina

While some of the ICW Latina team was at AIDS 2016, the remainder was in region continuing to do project implementation inclusive of the multi country Global Fund grant implementation.

This includes workshops and trainings on advocacy and human rights violations. In partnership with Balance, ICW Latina hosted a workshop with stakeholders to build capacity for them to become better allies to women and girls living with HIV in Nicaragua.

For more information please visit


MENA Rosa was active and visible with high profile discussions during AIDS 2016 including a partnership in the MENA Networking Zone space.

Members marched and demanded action against forced and coerced sterilization and access to treatment which has been a long standing advocacy issue regionally.

Souhaila ICW ISC representative giving her speech at the Living conference

ICW North America

ICW NA members were excited to participate in AIDS 2016 especially in the Women Now! Living 2016 and Towards a Cure pre-conferences.

Earlier in the month ICWNA hosted a body mapping workshop in Toronto to discuss the impact of side effects from their medication.

ICW NA is working with researchers from the University of Toronto and University of Ottawa to duplicate the workshop in Ottawa later in August. To find out more contact:

Body mapping

ICW Southern Africa

ICW SA was exited for the homecoming of AIDS 2016 back to Durban. Because of the increase in regional scholarships ICWSA was thrilled to see increased participation of women who were thereby able to see the ICW family in action and participate in the 25th Anniversary Celebration, in the Global Village and especially march alongside advocates in the March against Forced and Coerced Sterilization which many women living with HIV had experienced.

ICWSA received scholarships based on their HIV criminalization work and were speakers at the Beyond Blame: HIV Criminalization Pre-Conference and during the Beyond Blame: Feminist Convening and HIV is Not a Crime workshop in the WNZ.

ICW SA also presented their Cervical Cancer work with the WHO and UNAIDS in the WNZ where their launched their joint report HPV, HIV and Cervical Cancer: Leveraging Synergies to Save Women’s Lives.


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ICW Workshops and Events

25 Aug


ICW #25YearsinSisterhood Tweet-a-thon: What sisterhood means to me, Twitter, Thursday, August 25th, 8am Washington/3pm Nairobi

14 Sep

Side Effects and Our Bodies – Presented by Marilou Gangnon PhD, Skype/Phone, Wednesday, September 14th, 8am Washington/3pm Nairobi

12 Oct

How to get Involved in the Global Fund Processes – Presented by Maurine Murenga, Skype/Phone, Wednesday, October 12th, 8am Washington/3pm Nairobi

Upcoming Events and Times for Global Action

ICW Members Global Advocacy Workshops:

Advocacy Workshops is an ongoing monthly program to share knowledge and engage ICW members in global processes that impact their lives.

These workshops are open to all self- identifying women living with HIV around the world and take place on Skype. To register for a workshop please contact

2016 Report Back – Presented by CYWAG Media Team, Skype/Phone, Wednesday, August 10th 8am Washington/3pm Nairobi.

Body Mapping Side Effects Workshop, Ottawa, Canada, Monday, August 29th to Tuesday, August 30th, 9am – 4pm. For more information contact and/or

ICW 25 Years in Sisterhood Events:

An ongoing series happening every 25th of each month. Join ICW in tweet-a-thons, social media campaigns, public demonstrations and other fun activities to celebrate! For more information or to plan your own local event please contact

Meet the Staff



Florence Anam



Title/Position in Region

Advocacy and Communications Manager



Who I Am

I am an eclectic woman. That’s the best description of me I can think of. I am a mother of a soon to be 17 year old young man and a 10 year old little lovely bundle of greatness who I adopted in 2013. She is such a joy. I have also been privileged to have older daughters and currently live with one, she is 24. I am the first born in my family, I have 6 siblings and in our own way are pretty tight with lots of laughter to share between us. My family has a lot of laughter in it.

I am living with HIV since I found out in 2006. I am on ART and doing great….at least that’s what my doctors say.

Currently I work as the Advocacy and Communications Manager at ICW global office. The position involves working with my colleagues to innovatively intensify voices of women living with HIV and ensure we remain Visible and heard in every strategic platform that can positively influence policy change.

There are a lot of exciting moments in my work, I mean I am doing something I love (which is a blessing really) and so it’s always smiles. From the moment I started in this field as a communications officer at the Kenya Network of women with AIDS in Kenya (KENWA) I have always been driven by the need to make our voices heard, to ensure beyond being heard, our voices and sometimes very intimate stories are able to positively contribute to programs and policies that are responsive to our needs, to change how the world looks at and treats women and girls living with HIV.

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