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ICW Global In Action

June 2017

ICW Global Updates


Increase funding to end vertical transmission of HIV through community action

The International Community of Women Living with HIV (ICW) is exited for the milestones achieved in the reduction of vertical transmission of HIV and the reduced number of deaths among women living with HIV during pregnancy and postpartum periods. We recognize that the realization of the great progress has been because of galvanized stakeholder engagement from Global to country level to strengthen HIV prevention interventions for women and girls, HIV testing is made available so that pregnant women become aware of their HIV positive status early and access PMTCT programs for preventing HIV acquisition to their children.

ICW has been following keenly the country progress particularly in countries within the Global Plan to eliminate new HIV infections among children by 2015 and Keeping their mothers alive. We have demonstrated the benefits of community engagement in realizing the great targets within HIV prevention and treatment and ask that countries reinforce their commitment towards increasing domestic funding to end vertical transmission of HIV and ensure quality and healthy lives for women and girls living with HIV.

ICW is looking to engage with policy makers and other stakeholders to ensure engagement of women living with HIV within programs to end vertical transmission remain fully funded and guided within the ethos of respect for humanity and respect for the rights of women and girls living with HIV.

Activity to impact

ICW conducts Financial capacity building workshop.

Participants during the workshop in Uganda.

ICW with support from Robert CARR Foundation organized a financial management workshop for ICW Global and Africa regional Networks from 1st to 4th May 2017 in Kampala, Uganda. Among the participants were Regional Coordinators, Finance Managers and staff from ICWEA, ICWCA, ICWWA, and ICW Global Secretariat.

The workshop coordinated by MANGO Consultants is one of the many activities for institutional strengthening process that ICW will be engaging in. Our focus is to build the capacity of the ICW Global hub and regional ICW networks to undertake an organizational capacity assessment (OCA), to identify existing gaps, with a strong focus on designing solutions for the gaps identified.

We seek to achieve durable change by intensifying our efforts to solidify our institutional capacity for stronger internal operations including stronger internal financial controls; clear strategic direction at both the regional and global level to unify our networks collective strengths to achieve our goals, better communication strategy for improved cohesive and joint branding and a demonstration of a unified voice that seeks to regain donor confidence in our ability to engage women living with HIV as advocates and empowering their role and representation towards responsive health policy and programs.

ICW-Central Africa representatives pose for a picture with ICW Global Director.

ICW participates in RCNF collective Impact reflection workshop

ICW participated in the first ever collective impact reflection workshop organized by Robert Carr Network Fund (RCNF) in Amsterdam on 8th to 10th May 2017.

The meeting attended by grantees, staff and leadership of RCNF aimed to provide reflective thinking from all RCNF stakeholders, to create a consolidated account of what the Fund has achieved in terms of outcomes and impact.

The process was very instrumental in empowering ICW to better appreciate and understand the importance of outcome reporting and communication in sharing our story of impact to our membership and all stakeholders.

Community Action on PrEP

Photo courtesy of ITPC

ICW joined representatives of community organizations in an important meeting on PrEP. The Global think tank meeting on PrEP was hosted by International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) in Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago on 17th and 18th May 2017. The role of Women living with HIV and all community networks in consultations on HIV prevention is needed now more than ever particularly within the back drop of the targets aimed at ending AIDS by 2030.

The Community led consultation process on PrEP served to identify key considerations of PrEP implementation for Key Population groups as well as identifying strategies for meaningful participation of People Living with HIV in promoting better access to PrEP.

In this meeting ICW represented the perspectives of women and girls and is looking forward to further collaborative work with ITPC and all the partners in the development of the policy brief and activist tool kit for community advocacy. For more information on the meeting report see ITPC website here.

Global Fund Board Meeting Kigali Rwanda

During the 37th Board Meeting of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, The communities of persons living with HIV and affected by tuberculosis and malaria were represented by the Communities Delegation whose alternate board member is ICW's Global Fund Advocacy Officer. See Key highlights of the meetings in the dot points below;

  • The need for Global Fund to find a more transparent system of dealing with partners in a manner that the Fund is able to provide much needed access to accounting books and internal audit assurance. The delegation voted against the World Bank agreement decision because it was not in line with these principles.
  • The board should have stronger oversight on Global Fund's Pooled Procurement Mechanism. This is to ensure the secretariat does not make decisions such as expanding the pilot without evaluation of the 1st phase.
  • Despite the health challenges Venezuela is facing, they are not illegible to Global Fund funding. It was a difficult conversation on how the Global Fund can support the adverse HIV, TB and malaria epidemics currently emerging in Venezuela. Difficult decisions point of Venezuela's eligibility could not be discussed at the board so the civil society delegations proposed a new decision point that would not close the door to helping Venezuela but open opportunities of working with other regional multilateral agencies.
  • Communities Delegation was concerned around flexibility on country reallocation and matching grants and instructions from some country Fund Portfolio Managers' instructions to allow countries to use matching grants to cover gap in country allocation. We are concerned about these decisions distorting the overall portfolio and requested a report back to the board on how widespread the flexibility have been applied.
  • Finally, Communities asked for discussions around resource mobilization to be strengthened to fill the funding gap that currently exists. 

ICW Supports ICWAP strategic plan developement

Participants during the strategic plan meeting

ICW Asia Pacific (ICWAP) is the regional voice of women living with HIV and a member of the global ICW network. ICW AP is comprised entirely of grassroots networks of women living with HIV at the local and national levels in the following countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Timor, Thailand, Viet Nam and later New Zealand.

In May ICWAP undertook a review of the outgoing strategic plan and bought together 17 countries for two days of planning and priority setting for the next ICWAP four-year strategic plan. The meeting took place in Bangkok, Thailand with ICW global Director and Acting Chair joining the women to support with this process.

Women worked in harmony to identify cross cutting issues that can realistically be addressed at the regional level, sadly many networks have little or no funding at country level and sustainability was a common thread across the 17 countries.

ICWAP is excited by the energy and collaboration that took place on the 29th and 30th May 2017 and is moving forward with an energized and focused work plan that is ambitious and responsive to diverse needs across the region.

ICW participates in the Free Space Partners meeting

Free Space Partnership (FSP) had a meeting to discuss updates and next steps for projects they are doing and collaboratively develop joint advocacy priorities among partners. Free Space Partnership is a global free space for networks of key affected population that is hosted by International Civil Society support.

The meeting also discussed future plan of action, resource allocation for short and longer term joint advocacy agenda and agreed way of working collaboratively in current projects.

ICW represented in UNAIDS side event at the 70th World Health Assembly

During the 70th World Health Assembly, The UNAIDS and PEPFAR convened a ministerial meeting to review progress in implementing the Start Free, Stay Free, AIDS free framework on 24th May 2017. The meeting was sponsored by Lesotho, Malawi and Swaziland and the first lady of Namibia Hon. Monica Geingo graced the occasion as a key note speaker.

Florence Anam ICW’s Advocacy and Communications manager joined the panel to share the perspectives of communities and particularly women and girls.

Sharing her experience Ms. Anam urged stakeholders to make deliberate efforts to invest in networks of Women Living with HIV in order to ensure Sustained advocacy with impact. For more information click here.

Photo courtesy of UNAIDS


UNAIDS publishes first article under the grassroots section of their website.

Civil Society statement on the Zero draft of the declaration proposed for the Global ministerial conference on ending TB

Registration and abstract submission now open for the AIDS impact conference November 2017

Sharing a post on Women and HIV; interviewing Silvia Petreti

ICW message on International Candlelight memorial

World first vaccine against Malaria to be introduced in Kenya, Ghana and Malawi in 2018

Turning up the volume on children and families living with HIV

Observance days in May 2017

May 21

ICW shared a statement to mark Candlelight memorial. See link here

photo courtesy GNP+

Upcoming Events and Times for Global Action

Upcoming meetings and deliberations for ICW engagement in March

UNAIDS and UNWomen #teamwomen meeting, Geneva 30th June - 1st July 2017

ICWEA Annual General Meeting, July 2017, Kampala, Uganda.

International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference, France 23rd to 28th July 2017

Opportunities for representation;-

RCNF call for nominations for Program Advisory Panel;- The Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund (RCNF) is pleased to launch the call for the RCNF Program Advisory Panel(PAP) membership for the period 2017- 2019 . This invitation for nominations aims to identify 9 members of the PAP for the years of 2017, 2018 and 2019. See details here

Community Delegation to the board of Global Fund targeted Application for membership from August 2017-2019. See details here

Meet the women's network


Organizational Profile

Ikatan Perempuan Positif Indonesia (IPPI) is a national network initiated by and for women who live with and affected by HIV established in 17 June 2006 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

IPPI vision is to empower women living with HIV and affected women in order to attain equal and well-being life in their health, social, educational and economic aspects.

IPPI mission is to strengthen women living with HIV and affected women’s ability to empower themselves and other women in health, social, educational, and economic aspects through advocacy, funding, skill improvement in order to attain their well-being.

IPPI covered area of work in 25 provinces and lead by 25 women as Provincial Coordinator.

IPPI had strong experience in implementing the UN Trust Fund project which integrated the VAW and HIV services in two cities in Indonesia. The project aimed to increase the awareness of the general population on the linkages between HIV and VAW and the available services in their community through the involvement of media.

Mass media (printed and electronic) were used for this dissemination, and the project collaborated with a private radio station in Jakarta to broadcast information about HIV, sexual and reproductive health and rights, violence especially violence against Women living with HIV. The project also conducted a blog competition to receive responses from the general public on issues related to HIV and Violence Against Women (VAW).

IPPI also had strong experiences in community empowerment and mobilization program through the Sexual Reproductive Health Services. As a network, we did several in-house research on the issue related to SRHR and VAW, as follow;

  • Develope SRHR Modul for Trainer
  • VAW living with HIV Qualitative study at 8 provinces
  • CEDAW Report on Coerced Sterilization on women living with HIV
  • Short Movie End Violence Against Women “HARUS”
  • Pilot Project One stop service on VAW and HIV in 2 cities
  • SRHR education at community health centre, for Pregnant women, key population intimate partner and WLHIV.
  • Short Film to increase women awareness of HIV infection and promote HIV testing.
  • Women handbook: Contraception, HIV and STI, PPTCT, Women's Rights, Sexual Reproductive Health and Right, etc.
  • Training Peer Educator and Counselor for HIV and VAW, and WLHIV Support Group, Survivor Meeting
  • Referral system for HIV and VAW.
  • Develop guideline of Prevention Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) for women living with HIV communities.
  • Workshop integration VAW and HIV in 8 cities.

For more information contact;-

Baby Rivona Nasution as National Coordinator

Email: Mobile: +62 81230502997


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