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ICW In Action
10th December 2015



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Caribbean Leaders Declaration of Commitment

We, the undersigned ICW representatives for the Caribbean, assembled in Jamaica at the Apples Butterflies & Condoms Resource and Production Centre on October 5th and 6th 2015, for the inaugural ICW Caribbean Leaders meeting. 

We reviewed and addressed the current status of the AIDS epidemic in our region and drafted country action plans in accordance with the sustainable development goal of ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030. 

As members of the ICW community, we are particularly concerned about the issues and concerns of women with HIV (WHIV) in our region and the world at large and thereby adopt and wish to be held accountable for the following responsibilities:

  1. Promoting advocacy efforts geared towards the:
    • Reduction of discrimination in health care settings and communities; 
    • Reduction of violence and assurance of access to justice, while not neglecting the specific needs of women and girls living with HIV and AIDS.
  2. Encouraging positive women and young girls to take their health in their hands by entering and staying in treatment. This goes hand in hand with promoting literacy in HIV related topics that include but are not limited to: compliance of medication, viral suppression and prevention of other STI and opportunistic infections. 
  3. Impressing upon health care professionals the necessity of impressing upon women living with HIV the importance of regular up to date reproductive health testing modalities such as, but not limited to breast, cervical cancer and other STIs. 
  4. Ensure the provision of psychosocial peer support for women and young girls getting tested for the first time in addition women living with HIV who already know their status.
  5. Realising that advocacy is a part of knowing what your rights are, we wish to raise women living with HIV consciousness of the different forms of stigma, discrimination and other acts of violence so that they can identified such and take appropriate action. 
  6. Mobilising women to take charge of their lives through empowerment and learning life skills for their employability.
  7. Promoting constant sensitisation efforts with health care professionals with the goal of decentralisation of care. 
  8. The promotion of present and emerging prevention technologies in the context of the Positive, Health, Dignity and Prevention (PHDP) initiatives. 
  9. Promoting research for the sharing of knowledge on sexual reproductive health services for women living with HIV.
  10. As women living with HIV, we recognise the efforts of the stalwarts; women and men who fought before us and wish to impress upon other positive women the importance of believing that even with HIV, it is possible to lead a full and productive life. And finally, we look forward to the continued support of our efforts by our ICW community, collaborators and other partners.
  • Chrystol Albert-Hope
  • Merlene Blacket
  • Onnika Brown
  • Althea Cohen
  • Sharon Cooper
  • Nacia Davis
  • Olive Edwards
  • Patricia Galloway
  • Shawnette Giddings
  • LiAnne Harris
  • Yannique Irving
  • Renatta Langlais
  • Stephanie Samuels
  • Melissa Welsh

ICW Caribbean Feminist Movement Building Workshop 2015

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