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ICW Global In Action

April 2017

ICW Global and Regional Updates


ICW marks important days in March 2017.

Poster courtesy of UNAIDS

ICW joined stakeholders and partners to mark observance days in March. ICW used this opportunity to share our statements with members, policy makers and stakeholders. To read more on the statements click on the days observed herein; - Zero Discrimination Day, International Women’s Day and World TB day.

ICW Article published in the JAIDS

ICW article titled ‘Engaging Communities and Promoting the Health and Human Rights of Women Living with HIV’ was published in the JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes this April. We are excited at the opportunity to be featured in this important space and extend our Congratulations to the team that put the paper together as well as to all our members for always motivating our need to amplify women’s voices at all platforms! Click here to read the full paper.

ICW Joins the Global Coalition of Women and Girls

ICW is excited that Florence Anam our Advocacy and Communications Manager has been selected to join The advisory Group of The Global Coalition on Women and AIDS (GCWA) which is hosted by UNAIDS. ICW joins as the Representative of a network of women living with HIV and hopes to bring on board our esteemed accomplishments and unique perspective to strongly aid the GCWA mission to mobilize leadership and influence policies, laws, programmes, and actions that empower women and girls living with and affected by HIV.

ICW Representation and participation

In the month of March 2017, ICW was represented in a number of decision making platforms and events representing women and girls living with HIV. These include; - WHO STAC meeting 13th to 16th March 2017, Geneva; WHO Guideline Development Group (GDG) for Guidelines on the Public Health Response to HIV Drug Resistance. 20thto 21 March; WHO meeting on care for advanced stage HIV. 22th to 24th March; HIV Justice Network Global Consortium planning meeting for 2017 in Brighton, UK, from 21st to 22nd; WHO/ STAR meeting on roll out of the WHO Guidelines on HIV Self- Testing and Partner Notification Global workshop- 27th to 30th March; Nairobi, Kenya.

World TB poster courtesy of WHO

ICW Regional Updates

ICW Asia Pacific

Sita, ICWAP regional cordinator poses for a picture

ICWAP joined partners to mark the Zero Discrimination day. The region acknowledged that this is not only an agenda of discourse but urged the community to show commitment through actions, setting priorities that support women and girls living with HIV and exhibit respectful behavior towards people with HIV. They urged policy makers to make deliberate efforts to keep women living with HIV on agenda by building member’s capacity & enhancing women's access to their human rights.

ICWAP members from Malasya organized Love positive campaign with an objective to meet up with families and sensitizing them on how to care and support women living with HIV; document stigma and discrimination that women living with HIV have gone through especially at health settings and to strengthen networking between NGO’s in Malaysia who are looking up on the issues PLHIV and specially for women and children living and affected with HIV. ICWAP Chairperson Norlela Mokhtar participated in a meeting on Stigma and Discrimination manual development that took place on 28-29 March. ICW Nepal provided Feminist Leadership Training for 20 Key affected women and girls from 13-16th March 2017.

collection of ICWAP Love positive women campaign photos

ICW Caribbean

JCW+ celebrated 7 years of their existence on March 24th bringing together women and girls from the region in celebrations.

ICW Central Africa

ICW Central Africa conducted a regional PMTCT workshop for TOT at the Valley Des Princess Hotel in Douala Cameroon in February 2017. The workshop brought together participants from Togo, Cameroon, Cote d ‘ivoire, Chad and Burundi. ICW with support from UNICEF shipped the PMTCT community guidelines that were used in the workshop and shared with participants for use within their networks and support group in country.

Participants during workshop.

ICW Eastern Africa

ICW was thrilled by the news from ICWEA on the legal registration of Rwanda Community of Women living with HIV (ICW-Rwanda). We congratulate the team for all the work towards mobilizing women living with HIV and building of networks that are critical for ensuring sustained advocacy efforts at all levels. For more information about ICWEA visit their website here.

Pictorial of the certificate courtesy ICWEA

ICW Europe & Central Asia

Sveta Moros Eurasian Women Regional Cordinator and meeting participants

ICWECA conducted a workshop on 28 and 29 March. The workshop titled “The forces of the community: sexual and reproductive health, gender equality and human rights, Gender-based violence and economic justice and political opportunities of women living with HIV ". The workshop took place in Chisinau, Moldova.

The workshop was based on the materials of the global online survey and consultations, which were held at the salamander trust and Athena Network in partnership with UNAIDS, ICW Global, Global Network of People living with HIV (GNP+) as well as regional, and national networks Women living with HIV. The workshop was made possible with financial support within the ICW consortia- Robert Carr Fund for networks of civil society (RCNF).

ICW Latina

Members ICWLatina. Photo courtesy of ICW Latina.

ICW Latina conducted an activity in Antigua Guatemala in March 2017 with Women from 18 Latin American countries participating in the regional training process for the empowerment of women living with HIV. The session was an opportunity to present the result of their creative process focused on investigating the violations that women face.

The ICW Latina Development Project (International Community of Women Living with HIV), in conjunction with Hivos and METOCA (Multiplication and Exploration of the Theater of the Oppressed in Latin America).Also joining the activity was Magdalenas Roja as part of the facilitating team.

ICW Latin America also engaged in a series of activities in the last quarter of the year 2016. This is captured in their quarterly magazine here.


Participants pose for a photo during the MENA training.

ICW Mena- Rosa with support from Robert CARR Network Fund (RCNF) organized and conducted a three day Trainer of Trainers workshop between 7th to 9th March on Treatment literacy and Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission.

The workshop held in Cairo brought together 10 participants from Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Three additional participants to the meeting were funded by DROSSOS. The participants also learned about mental health and confidence building and its influence in uptake, adherence and retention to HIV management and care.

The TOT will be supported to conduct country level health sensitization talks in their respective countries.

ICW North America

ICW North America (ICWNA) engaged in a series of activities to commemorate Love Positive women. These included quilting sessions, Making of cards that were shared with women globally and education sessions on self-care. For more information follow the link here.

A Feminist Movement Building workshop was held in February, 2017, and Jessica Whitbread facilitated the 2 days’ workshop. The workshop was combined with the Love Positive Women event. The workshop objectives were to facilitate the creation of other national groups of ICW members across the North American region, for women in the region to work on strengthening their foundation and the capacity of their team leaders and to identify representatives with responsibility for developing HIV response partnerships in their country, also the ICW movement building and advocacy agenda.

ICW Chapter of Young Women and Adolescent Girls (CYWAG)

Uwase Nadege (Rwanda) one of ICW’s promising young women leaders was selected to join the Communities Delegation to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.

Nadege will bring to this platform the experiences of young women and adolescent girls living with HIV and learn advocacy skills that will be useful for her to better represent her peers and ICW-CYWAG in various platforms.

Lucy Wanjiku (Kenya) CYWAG representative for Eastern Africa joins has been selected to join the advisory group of the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS (GCWA) hosted by UNAIDS. Lucy is the director of Positives Young Women’s Voices and joins as a representative of community based organizations working for women and girls.

Congratulations to the young women representing the voices of adolescent girls and young women in these important platforms.

Nadege in a past photo.


UNITAID and Global Fund approve the first HIV Self- Testing product.

WHO releases consolidated guidelines on SRHR for women living with HIV.

How Florence got her groove back;

Maori Living with HIV to be represented in United Nations Meeting in April 2017.

A decorated women’s health advocates visited UI to speak about Global issues surrounding HIV and AIDS.

ICW Observance days in April 2017

11 April

International Maternal Health and Rights Day

Photo Courtesy ICW/GNP+ EID report

Upcoming Events and Times for Global Action

International Maternal Health and Rights Day- April 11th 2017

RCNF grantee reflection meeting- May 8th to 10th 2017

Global Fund Board meeting- April 27th to 5th May 2017

PrEP Global Think tank meeting- May 16th to 18th 2017

Candle light memorial- May 21st 2017

Meet our members



Lucy Wanjiku Akiru



Title/Position in Region

GYWAG member


Eastern Africa

Who I Am

I am an advocate who is passionate about what she does. I love women in all their diversities; they bring a breath of fresh air to everyday life. Having conquered a lot of obstacles as a young woman living with HIV I believe we have everything it takes to be the greatest, the best we can be and when given the opportunity like ICW does, we become magnificent.

I am married and have a one year and half year old beautiful princess who fills my life with so much strength, I aspire to raise her to also be among the women in the hall of fame who will change the world and make it a better place for her fellow women.

Finally let me say I love life and how everything falls in place, eventually, so my dear girl, my dear young woman, no matter how dark it might seem now, just keep swimming, I promise it will get better, it always does, just keep swimming!

WHAT DO I DO: I am a member of CYWAG and I see to it that young women here in Kenya who need support system are easily linked to networks of people living with HIV like ICW for our monthly support group meeting but also for empowerment.

WHY IS ICW IMPORTANT? It represents me as a woman living with HIV and gives me a platform to express myself and be who I really am without putting boundaries. It’s my safe space and for so many other women both young and old.


You can help us amplify our impact and improve the lives of women and girls living with HIV

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