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Global Director's News

March 6 2017

Nothing For Us Without Us


Dear sisters and partners,

Over the last two years, the international community of Women Living with HIV (ICW) has used our communication platform as our number one approach for informing and updating you all on the activities and progress of our projects at the ICW secretariat office. Using our monthly newsletter ‘the monthly In Action’ we have also collaborated with Regional Coordinators to share news from the region. We are grateful for the feedback and reviews from all our dedicated readership which have been instrumental in our growth over this period of time.

Following our assessment of your recommendations and conversations with our partners and donors we are pleased to announce certain changes to our In Action newsletter beginning March 2017. The new content newsletter will seek to communicate our progress under the following key four key issues;- 

From activity to impact

ICW in Action Newsletter will focus on communicating to you our contributions towards the HIV response. Our news will strive to communicate what impact our different pieces of work have on the lives of all our members and all women and girls particularly women living with HIV. 

Strengthening our representation at Decision Making Platforms

In order to ensure our representation in all the decision making platforms best represent all our collective voice and in order to strengthen our feedback mechanism and tighten our communication and feedback from grassroots to Global levels we will be sharing and updating every month our plans for representation, how you can be involved and providing feedback from these processes. 

Strengthening our membership base

To improve our membership drive and include all self-identifying women living with HIV in all our diversity under our ICW umbrella; we will provide an opportunity for all networks for and by women living with HIV to showcase best practices and lessons with others. This space is open to all networks of women living with HIV and will not only promote our membership but also provide a platform for lessons sharing for improved service delivery to our members across the globe. In order to be featured in our newsletter please email


Donor and engagement opportunities

In this section we will share with our members and readership a list of key donor opportunities and provide support for interested ICW members to apply for the highlighted calls for proposals and concepts. We will also use this platform to communicate important policy and programmatic information highlighting opportunities for women and girls engagement. For more information on this section email  


Quarterly new from ICW Regions.

We will continue to share and highlight news from our regional networks, you can look forward to receiving action packed and informative quarterly newsletter from April 2017. This will also promote linkages between new members and the regions.

ICW remains committed to strengthening communication with all our members, partners and stakeholder, please write to us and tell us if you enjoy reading our news, we also welcome feedback on how we can do things better.

Together we are ICW!

Rebecca Matheson

Rebecca Matheson
Global Director


You can help us amplify our impact and improve the lives of women and girls living with HIV

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