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May 2016

ICW Global Updates


Cover page picture of the treatment guideline.


Treatment Literacy Guide Launch

ICW is excited to share the Treatment Literacy Guide that so many Community Engagement Working Group (CEWG) members of the Inter Agency Task Team (IATT) of  global plan to end mother to child transmission and keep mothers alive  developed.

ICW jointly with GNP+ and the IATT jointly launched the guide on 27th May 2016; the eve of the International Day of Action for Women's Health. ICW encourages support in disseminating the guide widely over the coming months, especially to support networks of women living with HIV and other community based organizations to adapt and use this guide in their countries.

More information on the treatment Literacy guide see ICW website here.


High Level Meeting on HIV Civil Society Hearing May 6th and the Advocates Lobbying Meeting in NYC May 16 – 20th

In early May ICW had a team of dedicated and fierce human rights advocates that attended and spoke at the Civil Society Hearing in NYC in preparation to the HLM in June. Jointly with our partners ICW presented our collective position statement on What Women Living with HIV Want

ICW was among the HLM lobby coalition of 38 advocates from 30 different civil society organizations from the countries of North America, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Pacific, and the Middle East who actively engaged in lobbying HLM member states and their missions. The lobby week took place from May 16-20, 2016 in New York.

In total the team met with over 26 different governments to advocate for a strong positions in relation to gender and key populations. Statements echoed the coalition's identified key priorities, including adolescent girls and key populations, comprehensive sexuality education, financing and community based participation in the HIV response, transgender women, sex work, harm reduction programming, and criminalization.

ICW committed to engage in intensive follow up at the national and regional level, as this is essential to the final outcome.


Forced and Coerced Sterilization Case in Kenya

ICW continued to support the ongoing court case involving five women living with HIV who were sterilized because of their HIV status in Kenya. The court case has been ongoing since 2014. For Love Positive Women, ICW also organized letters of support and solidarity to be sent to the women involved in the case to share our hope and encouragement.


HIV is Not a Crime Training II May 17 – 20th in Alabama, USA

ICW participated in the second US focused HIV criminalization conference coordinated by our HIV Justice Worldwide partners the Sero Project and the Positive Women’s Network US.

This innovated training conference had over 300 activists from Canada, Mexico and the US who engaged in discussions about HIV criminalization, gender, race, transphobia and poverty. ICW led a Feminist Activist Banner making workshop where 7 large politically charged banners were made.

They will be on display at AIDS 2016. In addition, ICW partnered with PWNUS and the Canadian HIV AIDS Legal Network for a workshop titled: Joining forces: Articulating a cross-border feminist framework to end HIV criminalization. This workshop was a pilot for the collaborative Feminist Dialogue that will be taking place in Durban.

To join more conversations about HIV criminalization please contact and join our Global ICW Criminalization Advocacy Working Group.


participants during banner making session at the HIV is not a crime workshop


Living Pre-Conference at AIDS 2016

As a Living Partner, ICW has been engaged on the Steering Committee and Programs Planning Committee. This two day pre-conference only for people living with HIV is going to be one of the biggest and my dynamic thus far.

Over 250 people with HIV will be gathering on July 16 and 17th in Durban, South Africa. To find out more check out the website:


Beyond Blame: HIV Criminalization Pre Conference, July 17th in Durban, South Africa

ICW has been part of the planning committee for the second Beyond Blame Conference at AIDS 2016. This will be an exciting and dynamic opportunity for those interested in learning more about HIV criminalization to engage in dialogue about the issues and how to curb human rights infringement in at national, regional and global levels. For more information please check out the website:


Image courtesy HIV Justice Network


ICW Regional updates


ICW Asia Pacific: This month the region focused on resource mobilization and logistics for AIDS 2016. On May 31st to June 2nd Coordinator and Chair of ICWAP were participated UNZIPTHELIPS meeting in Bangkok for the finalization of strategic plan and host organization for transition period. ICWAP is nominated for Co-Chair of UNZIPTHELIPS for interim period Sita the regional cordinator is representing there.


ICW Caribbean: This Orange Day ICW member, participated in a two hours social media training where we created JCW+ first tweeter Account @JCWadvocacyhope then spent one hour to do a SOCIAL MEDIA BOMB. This included posting, tweeting and passing on information about ending VAW using different hashtags for the day.

These hashtags include #WhatWomenWant, (the campaign led by ATHENA), #LetsEndVAW and #JCWstandUp. We ended the day with Movie and a Meal with the movie being, Sleeping with the Enemy. While watching, the participants were active on social media, posting messages from the movie about gender based violence and women’s rights.

Literature Review Club also took place. 8 speaker’s sessions with 15 Women Leaders and 4 Women living with HIV forums. The 1st session was held on May with 10 women from Jamaica and 3 women from Antigua and Barbados joining us for parts of the session.

Finally ICW Caribbean announced the hiring of their new part time Communications and Advocacy Officer, L’Orangelis Thomas.


L'Orangelis makes her presentation at the HLM meeting in NYC


ICW Europe and Central Asia (Eurasian Women’s Network on AIDS): EWNA conducted the Regional training on WHO Consolidated guidelines on HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for key populations (2014) with the focus on pregnancy, SRHRs and violence to promote community treatment literacy. It was held 24-26 May in Istanbul, Turkey.

12 women representatives from 11 countries from the region improved their treatment literacy and will follow up at country level through organizing mini-trainings on ARV treatment literacy with links to Sexual Reproductive Health and violence during regional campaign against GBV (2016) based on knowledge and skills they gained.

This activity is part of the project financed within ICW regional network consortium under support of the RCNF.


Members of the Eurasian Women's Network in picture.


ICW Latina: ICW Latina was actively advocating for treatment access throughout the region, with emphasis on the current struggles in Venezuela.

Chapters of ICW Latina also rallied behind the human right abuses that took place against the regional coordinator Arely Cano after her imprisonment following a police altercation.


ICW MENA (Mena Rosa): The region were active in Candlelight Vigil events and throughout social media in the month of May. The region was gearing up for their involvement in the HIV High Level Meeting where they were to have a number of speakers.


ICW North America: The International Community of Women Living with HIV (ICW) is excited to congratulate The International Community of Women living with HIV North America (ICWNA) for attaining their 501(C3) status. We celebrate this achievement with our sisters and believe that with this new status, there are better strengthened to undertake activities aimed at making the voices of ICWNA members more visible in the country, regional and Global HIV Response.  

 The Vice Chair of ICW-NA Marvelous Muchenje joined GlobalSHARE, a Global Community for Sex, HIV, and Reproductive Empowerment, which includes over 50 clinicians, researchers, policy makers, and people living with and affected by HIV.

GlobalSHARE is committed to sexual and reproductive rights and evidence-based and community-informed approaches to guide safer conception, implementation of HIV-affected individuals and couples who want to have a child. On this platform, she will be able to advance the sexual and reproductive advocacy issues for ICW, and women living with HIV from Canada.

ICWNA was also very active and present at the HIV is not a Crime Training II in Alabama as it released its regional criminalization policy brief. A number of ICW members attended Interdisciplinary HIV Pregnancy Research Group IHPREG) Conference held in Toronto, Ontario in May 2015.

The conference highlighted research and knowledge exchange activities of IHPREG over the past five years with an eye towards setting the agenda for future Maternal health and HIV research in Ontario.


ICW West Africa: Participated in the Women Deliver Conference in Copenhagen and sat on a panel on PMTCT and leaving no one behind.

This highly attended session was in partnership with WGNRR as a continuation of the joint work started in 2014.

ICWWA have been strengthening their treatment advocacy concerning potential stock outs and low quality production in the region.


ICW Chapter for Young Women, Adolescents and Girls: CYWAG’s AIDS 2016 Media Team collectively wrote their first joint statement for the International Day of Action for Women’s Health. In addition the team had their blogs published on the ICW and AIDS 2106 websites.

CYWAG also participated in the ATHENA led #WhatWomenWant social media campaign. Go Girls Go!


ICW in The Media


ICW, What Women Living with HIV Want:

ICW, International Candlelight Memorial Statement:

ICW, Introducing the Young Women’s Media Team:

ICW, Invest in Prevention Research that Responds to the Needs of Women and Girls:

ICW, GNP+ and IATT, New PMTCT Treatment Literacy Guide: Taking Action for Women’s Health!:

CYWAG Media Team, International Day of Action for Women’s Health:  

All Africa, Forced and Coerced Sterilization of Women Living with HIV Must be Stopped:

The Body, She Who Smiles with the Strength of a Thousand Warrior Women:

Inter Press Services, Plan for Poorer Countries to Fund HIV Response Raises Concerns: 


Workshops and Events


The International Candlelight Memorial May 15, 2016: The ICW joined with communities around the world in commemorating the International Candlelight Memorial which is held every year on 15th May.

ICW remembers our sisters, women and girls living with HIV who have died due to HIV and AIDS.In honor of their memory, ICW’s global sisterhood demanded for a sustainable HIV response that is responsive to our lived realities, needs, and hopes and that promotes our human rights, seeks gender equality, and realizes the meaningful involvement of women and girls living with HIV at all decision-making levels. Please follow the link here for details.

HIV Vaccine awareness day, May 18, 2016: ICW joined the rest of the world to commemorate the International HIV Vaccine Awareness day, May 18, 2016. ICW observed that women especially those living with HIV have been underrepresented in AIDS vaccine research, for whom vaccines may have a therapeutic effect.

ICW called upon governments, researchers and other stakeholders ensure gender equality in vaccine research, increased investment in HIV preventive research that responds to the needs of women and girls, support community action for responsive HIV research and share the information about the importance of preventive HIV vaccines research. Please access the details from this link.

International Day of Action for Women’s Health, May 28, 2016: ICW joined the rest of the world to commemorate the International Day of Action for Women’s Health, May 28, 2016 which is crucial in our advocacy for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of women and girls living with HIV. To mark this event, GNP+, ICW and the IATT launched a “Positive Health, Dignity and Prevention for Women and their Babies: A treatment literacy guide for pregnant women and mothers living with HIV”. Please follow the link for details.


Upcoming events and time for Global action


ICW monthly Advocacy Workshop: The monthly ICW Members Advocacy Workshop scheduled for 8th June, 2016 starting 3:00pm EST as was earlier announced. ICW will feature a special session to update ICW members on the AIDS 2016 Events, and support those with final preparations.

In addition, we will talk about how to create community hubs in your communities to support the destination of information for women and community members who are not physically able to attend.

ICW women

Know your rights advocacy call




A special feature to mark World HIV Vaccines Awareness Day, ICW  hosted an advocacy workshop titled 'HIV Vaccines Research and Development' in partnership with International AIDS Vaccines Initiative (IAVI) and Kenya AIDS Vaccines Initiative (KAVI). The workshop was attended by 17 women across the globe.


Know the ICW staff.


Margaret Happy in picture.


NAME: Margaret Happy


REGION: Eastern Africa

TITLE/POSITION IN REGION: Communications & Advocacy Officer

WHO I AM: I am a Ugandan woman living with HIV, single mother of 3 kids, but taking care of 13 children who make my morning bright every day and my heart full of JOY. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Gender Studies, with demonstrated and successful development work in Africa and Asia at policy, management and implementation levels.

WHAT DO I DO:  I work as a Communication and Advocacy Officer at the International Community of Women Living with HIV. I was one of the reviewers of the applications for the 21st International AIDS Conference 2016 Global Village and Youth Program (GVYP). As an Associate member of the Program Advisory Panel of RCNF, I reviewed some of the proposals that were submitted to RCNF in 2015. I actively engaged in reviewing the sexual and reproductive health and HIV linkages index as a member of expert review group for sexual and reproductive health and HIV linkage. I also engage in the processes for developing ICW publications that advance ICW’ global advocacy agenda and providing technical support to our members for instance in Namibia on sexual and reproductive health and rights of women living with HIV; in Caribbean region on People Living with HIV Stigma Index among others.

WHY IS ICW IMPORTANT? ICW is the only global network of women and girls living with HIV. Most important, it is a family which is HIV stigma free. Together we create a critical mass which influences and creates positive change in practices, policies, legislation and programming. 

ICW women
ICW - The International Community of Women Living with HIV (ICW)is the only global network by and for women living with HIV

Global Office

Yaya Center, Wood Avenue
Machera Court, Komo Lane
Ground Floor – CG

PO Box 7228 Postal Code 00100
Nairobi, Kenya

Kenyan Based Staff

Rebecca Matheson – Global Director

Velvine Jobiese – Administrative Assistant

Florence Anam – Advocacy and Communications Manager

Maurine Murenga – Global Fund Coordinator

Rose Adem – Finance Manager

Virtual Staff

Toronto, Canada

Jessica Whitbread – Community Relations & Mobilization Manager

Washington, DC, US

Sophie Brion – Human Rights Attorney

Washington, DC, US

Katie Filous – Legal Fellow

Kampala, Uganda

Margret Happy – Communications and Advocacy Officer

Regional Coordinators

ICW AP: Sita Shahi


ICW WA: Assumpta Reginald


ICW NA: Deloris Dockrey

ICW MENA: Rita Wahab

ICW C: Olive Edwards

ICW LA: Arely Cano

ICW CA: Francine Nganhale

ICW ECA: Sveta Moroz

International Steering

Asia Pacific

Norlela Mohktar, Malaysia

Marama Pala, New Zealand,

Acting Chair

Central Africa

Fetia Donatienne, Democratic Republic of Congo


Althea Cohen, Jamaica

East Africa

Teresia Njoki Otieno, Kenya

Europe and Central Asia

Olena Stryzak, Ukraine

Zhenya Mailyan

Latin America

Ruth Mery Linares Hidalgo, Costa Rica

Hilda Esquivel, Mexico

Middle East and North Africa

Souhaila Bensaid, Tunisia

North America

Deloris Dockrey, USA,


Marvelous Mucenje, Canada

Southern Africa

Thembi Mkambule

Global Chair

West Africa

Monisola Elizabeth Ajiboye, Nigeria

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