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Celebrating Love Positive Women

Love Positive Women #lovepositivewomen

It is that time of the year again when ICW joins our sisters, partners, family and friends in celebrating Love Positive Women #lovepositivewomen.

Started in 2013 by ICW’s Jessica Whitbread, Love Positive women is an annual event that takes place from February 1st to 14th using social media to create awareness about Women living with HIV and link women from all over the world to acts of love and care.

To date Love positive women has created a platform for individuals and communities to engage in public and private acts of love and caring for women living with HIV. It is also a time for us at ICW to focus on self-love as a way of drawing our collective strength towards a more connected community and network.

This year the Women and HIV/AIDS Initiative (WHAI) have teamed up with Jessica to develop the Love Positive Women guide. Please read and share the guide and follow the Facebook page here to connect with women living with HIV and our partners and friends planning various activities across the world.