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July 2015

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ICW Updates

ICW with support from Robert Carr Fund hosted an internal reflection and planning meeting in Kampala, Uganda from June 26 to July 2, 2015 - to continue the internal strengthening of the network. The meeting brought together regional coordinators from the 10 regions of ICW’s membership, representatives from New and emerging regions (MENA and IICW) and a representative of Chapter for young women, Adolescents and girls (CYWAG) and staff from the Global office. In this meeting we worked on refining our internal processes for a united ICW. The meeting also provided an opportunity for learning across the regions, setting and prioritizing advocacy agenda for women and girls.. Outcomes included a shared commitment to develop stronger processes of working cross regionally, supporting emerging regions and brainstormed collective ideas on strengthening the network as a whole. ICW thanks Robert Carr for their support towards institutional strengthening, Vicci Tallis our facilitator during the meeting for her exemplary leadership in ensuring we realized the meetings objectves, all the Regional coordinators and their representatives for their dedication during the meeting that resulted in great outcomes. Thank you to our facilitator Vicci Tallis who postponed her vacation to support this important work for our team. We appreciated you! 

ICW participated in the Drug Policy Reform Consultation and the 6th Annual Symposium of HIV, Law & Human Rights in Toronto, Canada on June 18-19th. The events were convened by the Canadian HIV and AIDS Legal Network. These two separate events ‘piggy backed’ on each other and discussed the collective action required to reform oppressive laws that criminalize people who use drugs, Hepatitis C co-infection, people in prisons and criminalization of HIV non-disclosure. ICW is looking to support the joint effort at the upcoming UNGASS on Drug Control in 2016. If you would like to find out more or work on this issue with ICW please contact Jessica at communityrelations@iamicw.com.

Kenya’s Fund’s Portfolio Manager (FPM) of the Global Fund to fight HIV, TB and Malaria Mr. John Ochero said that the Kenyan budget to the Global Fund must include allocation for prevention interventions for young women and adolescent girls. “Budget allocation for non-medical prevention options for young women and girls is non-negotiable” he said. This was in response to concerns by representatives from ICW over reluctance by the budget making team to allocate resources community interventions that promote prevention of HIV among young women and adolescent girls in the current concept note Kenya submitted to Global Fund. 

ICW launched a statement to reply to the Strategic Timing of Anti-Retroviral Treatment START findings. The START findings revealed that the benefits of starting ART as soon as a person is diagnosed with HIV prevails over the risks of delaying treatment until when the CD4 count has fallen to 350. However, it also raised critical questions about the complex social structures that hinder women’s ability to make informed choices about starting and adhering to treatment long term. The data provided us a renewed opportunity to push for addressing the obstacles to access to treatment by women and girls living with HIV in all diversities. 

Lillian Mworeko from ICW Eastern Africa represented ICW on the WHO's Global Validation of Elimination of EMTCT Panel. See this article for more information about the Global Validation Committees recent historic validation of Cuba. ICW Staff and members including Sophie Brion, ICW Human Rights Attorney and Jeni Gaatsi from ICW Southern Africa in partnership with UNAIDS and GNP+ designed the Human Rights Tool utilized in the assessment of whether Cuba's application for validation of elimination of HIV and Syphilis PMTCT

ICW in partnership with ICW West Africa and Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR) have been reviewing proposals for a joint coalition in Nigeria with SRHR and HIV young women advocates as well as their international counterparts. The successful grantee will be announced in the coming weeks. Keep posted on these exciting and creative projects by young women from the Chapter from Young Women, Adolescents and Girls.

In June, ICW added a new member to the Global Staff team, Ms. Margaret Happy. After years of focusing on a regional commitment and working with the team in Eastern Africa, Margaret is shifting to a more global focus as the Communications and Advocacy Officer. Margaret can be contacted at communications@iamicw.org.

ICW in Action

This month the Members Advocacy Workshop on Criminalization of HIV non-disclosure, exposure and transmission featured a presentation by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network. Using a gendered lens the complex issue of criminalization of HIV was broken down and discussed with members from all around the world. If you would like to view slides from the presentation or learn more about upcoming Know Your Rights Advocacy Workshops please contact Jessica at communityrelations@iamicw.org.


ICW continues with our campaign to raise resources for the women’s networks on the ground in Nepal for their basic needs. ICW has set up an emergency relief fund called Woman to Woman to assist women living with HIV in emergency situations. To read more click here or visit the donation page directly.


ICW developed and submitted abstracts for IAS Pathogens, ICASA, ICAAP, and the AWID Conference in 2016.


ICW continued to release regular Global Fund updates and share them with diverse stakeholders inclusive of membership and partners.

Call for Nominations for Global Fund Partnership Forum 3 for Civil Society and Communities and ICW is supporting members to engage! The 2015 Partnership Forum provides a unique opportunity for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria to reach out to a wide range of stakeholders for consultation and inputs as it develops its 2017 - 2021 Strategy. The theme of the 2015 Partnership Forum is "Shaping our future: Collaborating for a Healthier World". For more information on How to respond to the call see website here

Regional Updates

ICW Asia Pacific:ICWAP participated in the Global Fund Pre-Partnership Meeting for Community and Civil Society Organizations. Vice Chair, Marama Pala gave a full report that was shared on the ICW news page of her experiences.

ICW Caribbean: The region had two movement building strategy meetings in June, 2015 in partnership with CNR+, JCW+ and the ISC member. In addition, the members of JCW+ did a legal literacy training and have been supporting monthly dialogues. The monthly dialogues are open to all women living with HIV to join via internet. Please contact altheacohen74@yahoo.com

ICW Central Africa: Participated in the Regional Partners Meeting with the ICW Regional Coordinators where they presented on movement building in a conflict area. 

ICW Eastern Africa: ICWEA developed a policy brief and a position paper on eMTCT from the perspective of women living with HIV. The capacities of the national networks of women living with HIV in policy analysis, Sexual Reproductive Health, gender and human rights in the context of eMTCT was strengthened. In addition, to this, ICWEA is planning to celebrate her 10th Anniversary. More information can be accessed from this link

ICW Europe and Central Asia: The Ukraine network successfully raised the resources to have the 1st National Meeting on Women and HIV/AIDS with international participation. This will increase the meaningful engagement of women in the HIV response. Women living with HIV are leading this forum and will also engage a Board meeting with the Eurasian Women’s Network on AIDS be continuing to strengthen the work in the region.

ICW Latina: In the region there were a number of high level meetings with government officials to promote the work being done by ICW on female condoms and the rights of women living with HIV. This builds off of the monitoring and evaluation work done in the region on the SRHR access for women. They have also developed an internship program. To find out more visit: http://www.icwlatina.org

ICW MENA (MENA Rose): Souhalia Ben Said, ICW ISC representative for the MENA region participated in the Global Fund Pre-Partnership Meeting for Community and Civil Society Organizations. MENA is making a call to action as partners pull out as resources are dwindling and conflict arising in the region. Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon and Tunisia will be most impacted as a number of large scale projects end in September, 2015.

ICW North America: In June the team hired a finance person to assist with developing internal financial structures while the charity status. In addition to this the group is planning their upcoming in person planning meeting, and is working behind the scenes to do the final touches on the website that will be launched in the coming weeks.

ICW Southern Africa: ICWSA conducted a board meeting and global fund training for regional members in Johannesburg bringing together country representatives from the region. 

During the training participants were informed on the various issues on Global Fund especially the New Funding Model. ICW

Global Director, Rebecca Matheson and Advocacy and Communications Manager, Florence Anam joined the meeting which also identified and priorities advocacy priorities for regional advocacy initiatives.

Chapter for Young Women, Adolescents and Girls (CYWAG): At least 3 Members of CYWAG (Consolata Opiyo from Kenya, Lorraine Anyango from the US and Loyce Maturu from Zimbabwe participated in the Y+ Steering Committee meeting in Amsterdam on June 2---. As a result, Loyce, and Lorraine were elected to be co chairs of Y+. The members of CYWAG are breaking through the ceiling and setting the pace for adolescents’ and young women’ engagement in leadership.

In The Media

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Get Involved!

ICW Members Advocacy Workshop call

10th June, 2015 will be a special presentation on Criminalization of HIV disclosure, exposure and transmission by the Canadian HIV Legal Network. Please join us at 8am (NYC)/ 3pm (Nairobi). To join the call please contact Velvine at admin@iamicw.com

Other Upcoming Advocacy Workshops:

Wednesday, July 8th- UNAIDS PCB - Follow Up and Discussion about the UNAIDS Strategy Processes Wednesday, August 12th–Breast Feeding and HIV – Presentation and Discussion facilitated by Nicci Stein from the Teresa Group

Other Upcoming Advocacy Workshops:

Wednesday, August 12th–Breast Feeding and HIV – Presentation and Discussion facilitated by Nicci Stein from the Teresa Group

IAS Pathogens Conference 2015 in Vancouver, Canada

If you are attending please contact Jessica at communityrelations@iamicw.org to be included in the ICW activities.

ICW events include:

Sunday, July 19th
– ICW Picnic

Monday, July 20th
– My Body! My Rights! Intergenerational Community Arts Workshop

Tuesday, July 21th
- ICW ACTION on Maternal Mortality!
- Joint consultation with Medicine Patient Pool and ICW on Early Infant Diagnosis and Access to Treatment
- Women’s Networking Zone Launch – The Road to Durbin

Wednesday, July 22st
– Poster Presentation of our Early Infant Diagnosis research finding.

This Month's Profile

Name: Margaret Happy

Region: ICW

What She Does: Communication and Advocacy Officer. 

Who She Is: Margaret is woman living with HIV since 2004 and a single parent of 3 children (2 boys and a girl). She is an experienced HIV activist and advocate for gender and women’s rights. Margaret has over 15 years of engagement at local, regional and global levels on issues including gender equality and equity, sexual reproductive health and rights for women and girls living with HIV, HIV legal environment, HIV programming and financing.

On Feminism: Margaret is a strong activist for rights of women in all diversities because she always strives to challenge the status quo of insubordination and violation of human rights and women’s rights.am a young woman living with HIV who is ready to assist youths in the issue of HIV.

Why Is ICW Important: ICW is the only global network of women and girls living with HIV. Most important, it is a family which is HIV stigma free. Together we create a critical mass which influences and creates positive change in practices, policies, legislation and programming. 

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