ICW International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2016 StatementStatements

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Released date: 12-May-2016

ICW Demands Stigma, Discrimination and Violence-Free HIV Response to End AIDS by 2030

The International Community of Women living with HIV (ICW) joins with communities around the world in commemorating the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial on May 15, 2016.

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2016

ICW remembers our sisters, women and girls living with HIV who have died due to HIV and AIDS. In honor of their memory, ICW’s global sisterhood demands a sustainable HIV response that is responsive to our lived realities, needs, promotes our human rights, responds to gender transformative realities and realizes the meaningful involvement of women and girls living with HIV at all decision-making levels.

The candlelight memorial coordinated by the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) every third Sunday of May annually is much more than just a memorial to us. It is an opportunity to raise awareness on the importance of the community response to HIV and the importance of global solidarity and investment in community networks to lead efforts in breaking down barriers of violence against women and girls living with HIV in all our diversity including stigma and discrimination and other human rights violations and giving hope to new generations.

This year, in light of the International Candlelight Memorial 2016 theme of ‘Engage, Educate, Empower’ ICW calls upon development partners, policy-makers, governments, private sector take action now to save the lives of women living with HIV:

  1. Address barriers to health service uptake and retention of women, girls and their families by ensuring access to quality healthcare services. This includes ensuring resilient, accessible and sustainable systems of health that provide adequate and regular supplies of life saving commodities, other medications, and diagnostic tools, and promote smooth integration with other programs in ways that delivers the best care for women living with HIV and their families.
  2. Create stigma, discrimination and violence free environments for women and girls including key populations living with HIV to access treatment care and support and to meaningfully engage in all spheres including socio-economic, political and environmental.
  3. Recognize the impact that gender based violence has on the health, well-being and lives of women living with HIV. End violence against women and girls living with HIV in all its forms and empower women and girls living with HIV of all ages to stand up for our rights to live our lives free of violence.

    Uphold human rights by investing in accountability mechanisms and training to ensure service providers can meet international human rights standards and act to respect, protect and fulfill our fundamental human rights to achieve the highest attainable standard of health.
  4. Create opportunity for networks of women living with HIV to engage in policy-making processes and implementation of the sustainable development agenda 2030 at country levels including the funding mechanisms that must respond to our needs and realities. Only when women living with HIV are involved, resources can be used efficiently to provide a sustainable HIV response for universal access to quality health and social services.
  5. Increase investment in community-based responses to improve linkages to services, treatment literacy, preparedness, and agency that enable women to receive quality services and adhere to treatment. This includes support to deliver community-based services, which are key in health care systems, community support groups, peer support and expert clients living with HIV, and linkages to networks of women living with HIV.

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